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How To Prove You Are Not At Fault In A Car Accident

Two drivers arguing about an accident.

Are you facing the wrath of a car accident that was not your fault? We understand it can be really tricky to prove your case otherwise. However, with a little preparation and subtle tactics, you can actually prove that you were not-fault. So, how to prove you are not at fault in a car accident? Here are a few immediate actions you can take to save yourself.

Remember, all these solutions pertain to actions that can even be taken when you failed to collect evidence immediately after the scene of the accident.

Find The Fault

It’s imperative to clearly determine who is at fault to claim no-fault car insurance (if your state or country provides so).

In no-fault car insurance, the person who was not at fault in a car accident can be compensated for the car damage/ losses from their insurer. This is one reason that proving you were not at fault in a car accident is essential.

If you are proved at fault in a car accident means the insurance company would deny the claim. In this case, you can fight your case by providing them with supporting documents.

Collect Evidence

You don’t necessarily have to do that immediately if you think the ship of collecting evidence has already sailed.

The venue where the car accident occurred is your prime spot to prove your innocence. Visit the place to collect the possible evidence by clicking pictures of the accident scene. What matters is the placement of both the vehicles involved in the accident, the road, weather conditions, and everything else possible.

You can send someone else to do it on your part as well.

Check The Cameras

At times, the answer to how to prove you are not at fault in a car accident lies in the cameras. If you cannot collect the photo evidence, check for the cameras in the area where the accident occurred. Retrieving the CCTV recordings might even win your case and works even better than photo evidence.

This will also help you collect the other driver’s license plate number. The number can be used to generate his past violations and extract additional relevant information.

Obtain The Police Report

The police report of the car accident acts as another worthy evidence that helps prove you were not at fault. A police report contains essential details of the accident, such as the other person’s statement to the police, the officer’s view on who was at fault, a description of the crash, a traffic violation ticket issued or not, and so on.

Some of these details, if in your favor, are the ultimate documents you would need to prove your innocence. Even if the police report is not in your favor, you can always talk to the investigating officer and get it amended by telling your side of the story.

Be sure of receiving an insurance claim when you were in the front of the rear-end collisions. Also, remember the ball is in your court when it’s a speeding case where you were hit from the side when going straight, whereas the other person was trying to take the left turn and hit the side of your car.

Speak To Witnesses

Was there possible commotion around? Are there any shops or people nearby? You can make the best use of them by asking for their viewpoint.

You can take the contact information and statement of such people and present it before your insurance company to prove that you were not at fault. Such witness evidence, coupled with camera recording, works best.

Hire An Attorney

If the cost of damage and losses are too much, you can always consider hiring an attorney specializing in car accidents.

It will be easier to prove your innocence with an attorney by your side as they are specialized in the field. They have their own ways to turn the case in your favor and help you get the best compensation amount you most likely deserve to obtain.

Know Traffic Laws Well

Even if you have an attorney appointed, work alongside him, and understand the traffic laws in your state. You can always support your case better when you are thoroughly informed of the traffic, speeding, and red-light laws of your state. Who knows you will be able to find a rule that will have you win it like an open and shut case?

Don’t worry if you were not able to act immediately after the car accident; there are still ways to prove you were not at fault in a car accident. Contact our car accident lawyers today to know how to prove you are not at fault in a car accident.

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