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Car Accident Claim in Cincinnati: Do You Need a Police Report?

Police getting the testament of a car driver.

Car accidents can be extremely traumatic and fatal. Imagine going on a smooth road trip and suddenly someone bumps into your car by taking a wrong turn leading you into a big problem. In Cincinnati, Ohio, you can file for a car accident claim even without a police report. Though police reports play a significant role in car accident claims in Cincinnati, Ohio, when the accident is minor and there is no loss of lives and extreme damage to the car, the claim process without a police report can be pursued.

Getting compensation for the loss during a car accident is a right of every citizen. According to US research, about 6 million car accidents take place in a year with more than 90 people dying in these car crashes every day.  So, if you are involved in a car accident where you believe you are innocent, you can file a claim through an attorney who will guide you in collecting all the necessary evidence that will make your case strong and will help in getting compensation for the loss.

Importance of a Police Report in a Car Accident Claim:

Car accident claims in Cincinnati, Ohio can be reported without a police report but their importance should not be deserted. Police reports speed up the process and they hold advantages in various ways like:

  • A police investigation properly documents the incident by noting the date, time, and place of the accident. It gives weightage to the case as the driver now cannot deny the incident.
  • It documents information about the irresponsible driver and about their insurance which will help you while filing the claim.
  • A police report involves statements of both the parties and even some other witnesses present at the place of an incident which will help in admitting the fault and proceeding with the claim smoothly.
  • It documents the damages to the vehicle, people involved in the accident, and other factors like weather conditions which give a better explanation to the cause of an accident.
  • It also documents pictures and videos of the vehicle and place of incident as a piece of evidence.
  • It documents the perspective of both the parties involved in an incident.

File for a Car Accident Claim through an Attorney:

Police reports for a car accident claim in Cincinnati, Ohio are not mandatory. During minor accidents, the police usually don’t respond to the place of the incident. In this scenario, you can go yourself to the nearby police station to report or you can proceed with the claim process even without a police report.

Most insurance companies do not require a police report for the claim process when the accident is minor. Therefore, you can gather the information yourself with the help of an attorney and file your claim.  It is very important to collect such evidence that will make your case strong in front of a claim officer. Your attorney will help you in this process and will guide you in collecting the following things:

  • Photos and videos of the incident. Make sure to make a detailed video including all the scratches, marks, and broken glass.
  • Information of the other driver and their insurance company details.
  • Information about eyewitnesses.
  • Detailed description of the incident including date, time, venue, how the accident happened, weather conditions, and any other piece of information you believe is important to make your case strong.

Car accident claims should be claimed as soon as possible after the incident happens. An insurance company investigates the entire case to find out who is responsible for the accident to decide who should pay for the damages. A police report usually becomes a plus point for claim officers as it makes the process easy for them which if not given can linger on the process.

In the absence of a police report, the party needs to provide evidence themselves as they are usually required by the insurance companies to proceed with the case. Therefore, the party needs to hire an experienced attorney that will help them incorrectly file a lawsuit.

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Car accidents happen every day around the world and are very traumatizing. The police report is not a mandatory step as car accidents claim in Cincinnati, Ohio also proceed without a police report. To have a smooth process and to get the best services, contact Young, Reverman & Mazzei. We have a team of experienced attorneys who will make sure that you get full compensation for your loss. For queries, you can visit our website.

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