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What Happens if You Slip and Fall In Your Own Home?

An elderly man who slipped on the stairs.

It happens to everyone and while so many are stuck at home the questions regarding safety rise. Can you file a claim for a slip and fall in your own home? That depends. If you’re renting or recently had contractors in your home, then maybe. Slip and falls can be seriously debilitating and include joint injuries, broken bones, and then infections from surgeries to correct the issue.

Find out if a slip and fall in your home or apartment can justify you filing a claim for compensation. Often with renters insurance or homeowners insurance you may have options available for helping to cover your medical bills.

Contractors and an Obligation for Quality Work

Let’s say that you just had a plumber in your house. They cut you a great deal but after a few days you slip, right where they were working. What can you do then? You might be able to sue the plumber or the service they work for because they didn’t fix the problem. In fact if you have water leaking onto your floor it’s likely that the problem because even worse.

These contractors can be responsible for your injuries. You may need to file a claim against the company or the individual contractor. Before you file your claim you need to make sure that you have the proper evidence in order. That means that you put together the pictures from your fall, and the extent of your injuries. A lawyer for personal injury cases can help you build up your evidence into a compelling case.

Rental Situations – Can You Sue Your Landlord?

Have you told your landlord that the sink has leaked for weeks? Maybe the bottom of your bathroom counter leaves a steady stream of water on the tile floor. Landlords can be responsible for your injuries when you properly notified them of needed repairs.

In this case you’ll need to prove that you requested the repairs and that the landlord had a reasonable time to respond. You can’t notify them of a leaky sink only to file a case the next day.

To do this you need to file a report with your landlord in writing that can include via text or email. You may need to show that you followed up on that regularly. However you should be aware that you can’t call in your own repair person because it will likely violate your rental terms.

Will Homeowners Insurance Pay if You Slip and Fall in Your Own Home?

In many cases your homeowners insurance will pick up the tab when your other options are exhausted. Slipping and falling doesn’t always come down to a homeowners insurance policy payment. But it never hurts to file a claim when you have excessive medical bills that you can’t cover.

For homeowners insurance to cover things like this you do need to have the proper coverage. Not all homeowners insurance is made equal. For example if you slipped because of flooding in your home, and you only had standard homeowners insurance you probably won’t get coverage for any of the damages. That means you might have to pay for the repairs and the medical expenses.

How Can You Prove It Wasn’t Your Fault?

Fraud is a pretty common accusation for slip and fall claims. The thing is people want you to prove that you didn’t do it on purpose and that’s just not possible. You know you didn’t do it on purpose, and we know that too. What we can do is show how the water source originated and that it wasn’t intentional.

Getting Help from a Cincinnati Personal injury Attorney

From broken pipes that should’ve been repaired long ago two cracks and steps leading up to your apartment you can file a claim for a slip and fall. Through homeowners or renters insurance you may be able to claim that a contractor or your landlord failed to provide you with a duty of care.

During the time of your recovery you should explore your legal options by contacting a local Cincinnati personal injury law office. The law offices of Young, Reverman & Mazzei offer help to anyone injured wrongfully. With the right support and guidance from knowledgeable and assertive attorneys you can fight to get rightful compensation. That should mean compensation for your time spent in pain, the medical damages, and more.

Call Young, Reverman & Mazzei of Cincinnati now to get started on identifying how you can file a claim and who it should address. You may need to do some research to really get started.

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