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Approximately 5,000 pedestrians and 800 bicyclists are killed in crashes with passenger vehicles each year, according to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. That works out to almost 15 people each day. In Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana these numbers are just as staggering.

The Cincinnati accident lawyers at Young, Reverman & Mazzei understand that the injuries suffered in pedestrian and bicycle crashes are often life-changing and financially overwhelming. That’s why our accomplished lawyers are dedicated to fighting for the compensation injury victims and their families need to move forward.

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Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents by the Numbers

The tri-state region of Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky is host to significant rates of collisions between motor vehicles and pedestrians or those on bikes. And these accidents often result in severe injuries or death to the pedestrians or cyclists.

Making these numbers even sadder is the fact that most of these crashes are preventable.

Factors in Pedestrian and Bike Crashes

Most collisions between motor vehicles and pedestrians or bicyclists are related to motorist negligence. Common contributing factors in pedestrian and bicycle crashes include:

Motor vehicle drivers involved in crashes with pedestrians or bicyclists often report they didn’t see the pedestrian or cyclist. Interestingly, pedestrian-related deaths and serious injuries occurred at intersections 36 percent of the time, which indicates that a substantial number of these accidents occur at marked crosswalks where pedestrian and bicycle traffic is heavy.

A car speeding towards a pedestrian in Cincinnati.

Common Injuries in Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents

Unlike those in motor vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists do not have the protections of a metal frame or airbags when they’re struck. Common injuries in bicycle and pedestrian accidents include:

Our accident lawyers would tell you these injuries often require extended time away from work and are accompanied by astronomical medical expenses. Yet insurance companies’ initial settlement offers are rarely enough to cover the long-term costs associated with these injuries. Our skilled accident lawyers can help you pursue the compensation you need to restore your life.

Compensation for Pedestrian and Bicyclist Injuries

A severe injury can impact more than your physical health; it can also affect your financial and emotional well-being. The accident lawyers at Young, Reverman, & Mazzei understand the costs associated with severe and catastrophic injuries, and our attorneys have decades of experience with accident investigations and the insurance claims process. We also have the resources and expertise to take your case to trial when insurance company settlement offers are too low.

accident involving bicycle

Compensation in pedestrian and bicycle accident cases may include money for:


If a loved one died in a pedestrian or bike accident in Cincinnati, Ohio, our attorneys may be able to help eligible survivors seek compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit.

Hurt in a Pedestrian or Bike Crash?

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