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How To Win A Left Turn Accident in Kentucky

Two cars involved in an accident.

Taking left turns at certain junctions or roadways is inevitable when you are driving your vehicle. But every left turn carries a higher risk for left turn accident in Kentucky that may result in physical damage to both property and the people involved in the accident.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration says that left turns cause about 22 % of all motor vehicle collisions.  As you take a left turn, you will have to be wary of incoming traffic and traffic signs. And chances are a slight misstep could result in a left turn accident in Kentucky, and you may not really know who is at fault in that particular situation.

It could be the fault made by the left turn, or the fault could be on the other person. Understanding your state laws can help you avoid confusion and help you get a better judgment on any such situation. Here is what you need to know to win a left turn accident in Kentucky.

Kentucky Left Turn Law

The Kentucky law on left turns is quite simple. If you take a turn to the left, you have to yield the right of the way to any oncoming traffic and any other traffic that is turning right. This includes both bicyclists and pedestrians, and you should also yield your way to them before taking a left turn.  If you fail to do this, you can be sure the fault was on your side.

Based on the nature of the accident, the wrong left turns are classified as either recognition errors or decision errors.

Recognition errors involve failing to keep a proper lookout and not recognizing the oncoming vehicles when taking a left turn.

Decision errors happen due to misunderstanding the actions of someone else, turning without having a proper view of the roadway, or intentionally taking an illegal left turn.

Kentucky Laws cite left turn to be inherently a dangerous maneuver. Hence, it calls for extreme caution on the driver’s part when making such a move while driving. When you make a left turn, you are essentially crossing over the inlet lane of traffic for vehicles that are coming from the opposite direction. Hence you are required by law to signal your intention to turn left and make sure to drive with extreme caution by properly looking out for any oncoming traffic or pedestrians when making a left turn.

Rash left turns that are taken under a quick decision to turn left can cause severe damage to vehicles and could even cause fatal injuries. The impact from the accident can easily indicate who was at fault, and hence you should always make sure you are not distracted when driving, especially when taking a left turn.

Kentucky has adopted the pure comparative statute that holds the driver responsible for the accident even if the victim is at fault comparatively.

Statute Of Limitations

The Kentucky revised statutes section 413.140 (1)(a) mandates that any personal injury case for which someone else is at fault must be brought to the court within one year.

As for personal property damages that include vehicle damage, the case must be filed within two years from the accident date. So make sure to contact a lawyer before the deadline passes to ensure your claim is accepted.

No-Fault Car Insurance Law

Kentucky follows the no-fault car insurance scheme where the injured driver or passenger must first apply for their own personal injury protection car insurance to get compensated for the medical bills and other financial losses experienced as the result of an accident. You can claim the driver who is at fault only on certain conditions, like if the claimant has opted out of the no-fault system or for pursuing a vehicle damage claim after the accident.

What Should You Do When You Have Been In A Left Turn Accident In Kentucky?

  • The first thing to do is stop your vehicle, check for any injuries, call up 911 to give details like the accident location, accident scene description, and inform them of any damages suffered by people on the scene.
  • You may also be required to produce legal documents like your driver’s license and details like your registration number, name, and address if asked by the legal authorities. If injured, you may be taken to the hospital for further treatment by the paramedics.
  • You should report the accident to the Kentucky State police department if it caused any injury, death, or property damage worth $500. The report must be made within ten days if no law enforcement officers arrived on the scene.
  • You should then collect the evidence to support your damage claims, details of the vehicles, and people involved in the collision. You can also take photos or videos of the scene while waiting for the law enforcement or the paramedics to arrive on the scene.
  • Make sure to report your crash to your insurance company.
  • As a precaution, try not to admit at the scene as there are many variables involved in a car crash. You can call up your attorney to help you guide through the legal processes that might ensue.

It is always a better idea to let the experts deal with all the legalities and make sure the law is upheld for your best interests. For any guidance on left turn accident in Kentucky, claims, and court proceedings, reach out to our car accident lawyers.

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