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What to Do After a Slip and Fall in a Restaurant

Restaurants are an unknown danger in our day-to-day lives. Let’s say you walk into a bathroom, and without even looking at the floor, you slip. Or, if you’re walking through the dining area and an unattended spill or ice cube does have a nearby wet floor sign, you would never know to look down and avoid the area so it is easy to slip and fall in a restaurant. The issue in restaurants is that there are so many people doing so many different things that small things like wet floors are left without proper attention.

If you slipped in a restaurant, then you may have extensive back, spine, neck, or joint injuries. Some of those injuries may plague you for the rest of your life. There is something you can do, though, and it starts with hiring a slip and fall attorney.

Report the Accident

Although it seems counterintuitive for a case to inform the location of your accident, it is necessary. If you file a case against the restaurant, and they had no idea you felt the question would be, “When did you fall, no one here knows about it.” This makes it seem as if the slip-and-fall was put on, or that you took on injuries somewhere else and are now claiming an accident happened at that restaurant.

The other thing to keep in mind is that reporting your accident to a manager or the owner of the establishment will prevent other people from falling too. You know all too well that the pain that comes along with a slip-and-fall is very serious.

While reporting the accident, you might want to take photos of the spot where you fell. However, that may be unnecessary if the location had a security camera that captured the fall. That camera would show whether there was or was not a wet floor sign. It can also show if the wet floor sign was in that spot as a permanent fixture rather than a warning.

Go to a Doctor

Even if you feel just a little sore, go to your doctor. If you can’t get an appointment within a reasonable timeframe, head to urgent care. There are some injuries that come with a slip-and-fall such as a hip fracture that could require immediate action.

Additionally, most slip-and-fall injuries get worse with movement; they’re definitely not something you should “walk off.” Instead, talk to your doctor about rest and a treatment plan.

Contact an Ohio Slip and Fall Attorney

Even if it doesn’t seem like you need an attorney right away, schedule a consultation. Meeting with a slip-and-fall lawyer can help clear up some questions such as what happens if you’re partially liable. For example, if there was a wet floor sign, you still might be able to recover some compensation, but not all. These nuances can help you navigate your claim if you do decide to move forward.

Document Your Injuries

After the fall, you should take pictures of any injuries. But also follow up with pictures as things develop. Bruises often don’t show up right away, so take photos of the same injuries for a few days and then refer back to the timestamps to create a timeline of your injuries progression.

Keep Record of All Your Medical Activities and Expenses

Although you’re documenting your injuries thoroughly, you’ll want to keep careful note of your medical treatment, as well. If your medical team decides that you need treatments or a plan of action to help you recover, then document that. Make sure you make a note of every day you went in for medical care, whether you missed work that day or not, and where you went for treatment.

It’s also important to keep a note of the doctors you see. You’ll likely see a few different doctors, at least one of those being a specialist. That’s a lot to track, but it’s made easier with an attorney. Slip-and-fall attorneys can help with the entirety of this process.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney in the Ohio River Valley

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