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What Happens After Getting Trapped in a Car During a Wreck?

A roll-up car after an accident with a broken windshield.

Rollover accidents are among the most traumatic type of crashes. The people involved may be stuck inside the vehicle, they may be able to respond or move, and will likely need intervention to escape. For many people is the worst fear that they never considered possible. There are ways to handle a rollover, and a series of actions you can take if you’re trapped inside a vehicle.

This situation is outright emotionally overwhelming, it may be a struggle to keep a clear head, but trying to stay level-headed is vital. If you ever find yourself in a situation or circumstance where the cars rolled over, you need to carefully assess the situation and determine how dangerous is it is for you to stay or leave the vehicle. If you’re involved in a wreck, contact our Cincinnati car accident attorneys today.

Call 911 Every Time

If your car rolls over, call 911. Emergency services are almost always necessary to remove people trapped in vehicles, and you will no doubt need help cleaning up the wreckage, and getting to a safe place. Then there’s the issue of injuries. At the time of the crash you may not be able to appropriately assess yourself for injury. Shock, in similar bodily responses may make it difficult to identify injuries by pain.

When you call 911, assess your body for signs of bleeding. If you can identify signs of bleeding that is an indicator that you likely have a serious injury and should not move. However, if you were upside down to the 911 operator make if you different instructions then if you are on your side or right side up.

Always follow the directions of the 911 operator to a T until emergency medical staff are on scene.

Stay Calm and Roll-Down Your Windows

If your car rolls over, or you are trapped in your vehicle, roll down the windows and try to stay calm. Rolling down the windows can help you get some fresh air into the car, but it can also help you get attention if you were to call out for help.

Rolling down your windows also allows you to be more aware of your surroundings. You’re hearing may not be at its best immediately after an accident, you may experience some tinnitus. Rolling the windows down can help you hear sirens, and other surrounding noises that can let you know that help is on the way or that your situation is getting to be more dangerous.

Trapped Upside Down

There is no doubt at all, safety belts save lives. Wearing a safety belt is likely what kept you alive through this rollover accident, but being trapped upside down may not be good for you, or good for your injuries. When discussing your condition with the 911 operator talk about releasing yourself from your safety belt.

The safest way to do this is to release the belt slowly, and brace yourself against the roof or a nearby object to control your fall. Tumbling is slightly better than falling straight down, but these should not be attempted at all if there’s any suspicion of neck or head injury.

Jaws of Life

The jaws of life doesn’t refer to one particular tool, but rather a set of tools that use piston-rod hydraulics to cut, spread, and ram parts of the vehicle until it opens. These tools are used in emergencies when it seems as though any second could be the determining factor between saving or losing a life.

Spreaders and cutters are what people most often see at crash sites a fire crews can dig directly into the vehicle. These tools pull or shred the structure of the vehicle apart allowing emergency techs to access the people inside the vehicle.

Getting Medical and Legal Help – Young, Reverman, and Mazzei the Local Car Accident Lawyers

Rollover car accidents often come with serious injuries and may even result in the loss of life. Accidents that result in death or severe injury almost always require a legal professional to help the victim recover financially. Financial recovery is not as easy as car insurance companies make it seem. You may have to put up a fight for months in an effort to get a portion of what you deserve out of an insurance provider.

Don’t waste your time fighting with insurance companies is when what you should be doing is focusing on your physical therapy, Vocational Rehabilitation, and your medical state. Working closely with our attorneys at Young, Reverman, and Mazzei can help you put a medical lien into place, negotiate for a better settlement, and close the case quickly.

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