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Slip and Fall Cases Versus Falling from a Height

slip and fall cases

Accidents happen and grown adults are just as likely to slip, trip, or fall from a height as anybody else. But, what happens when these accidents take place on a job site? There are big differences between slipping, tripping, and falling from a height. The trouble is that workers compensation insurance providers like to treat these as though they’re all the same thing. They also take the initial stand that slip and fall cases must be fraudulent.

It is the typical stance of insurance companies that think that workers and everyone else is out to get them for all they can. But a very realistic look at the insurance industry shows that there are rather few fraudulent claims, and many inappropriately denied or rejected claims. All too often workers have to get a Cincinnati workers’ compensation attorney just to get the coverage that they should get for the accident that took place at work. In some cases, these slip and fall cases may be essential to helping others get their compensation as well.

Slip and Fall Accidents and Injuries

Slip and fall accidents and injuries are pretty straightforward, but they are the biggest red flag for any type of fraudulent claim. Slip and fall accidents can happen because the floor was wet, or because of mixed elements. For example, if someone were to mop an indoor office with a mop that was used in the outdoor auto shop area to mop up oil, that would easily lead to an accident which results in slip and fall cases.

Typically a slip and fall accidents happen on hard floors, hard surfaces that have water or a liquid, cold surfaces which may have condensation, and carpets with low friction.

Injuries that usually come with slip and fall accidents include sprained ankles, sprained wrist, shoulder dislocation, and head trauma. This typically happens because when a genuine slip and fall accident occurs, people tend to topple backwards. They may throw out an arm to catch themselves resulting in a sprained wrist or dislocated shoulder. Or they may be unable to stop themselves and sustain a head trauma from impacting the ground.

Trip and Fall Accidents and Injuries

Trip and fall injuries are pretty straightforward and tend to have the opposite effect of slip and falls. You can’t typically bring slip and fall cases for a trip and fall accident, so you should know the difference between them. Usually a trip and fall involves an uneven stone on a sidewalk, door jambs, materials left on the ground such as brooms, and even flipped over rugs.

With a trip and fall accident most people fall forward resulting in neck injuries, foot injuries, cuts, and broken bones including broken finger and hand bones.

What is “Falling from a Height”

Falling from a height is a serious issue and often results in workers experiencing severe injuries, but also can’t result in slip and fall cases. Workers don’t need to fall from an exceptionally high level in order to sustain serious or even fatal injuries. In 2016, 134 workers died as a result of falls. In addition to those fatalities, almost every industry experiences at least ten thousand different types of fall injuries.

Falling from height is the act of falling from any point that is off the ground, which can be the first rung on a ladder or many stories up in the air. Falling from a height can happen in any profession as an example of the education and health services industries experienced over 43,000 fall injuries in 2016. 

These are all injuries which should result in workers compensation coverage. The primary element is that all of these balls are absolutely preventable. It doesn’t matter if it was a ladder or scaffolding, proper use of equipment and personal protective gear should eliminate any fall risk.

Accessing a Worker’s Compensation Attorney in Cincinnati

If you slipped, tripped or, or fell at work then workers compensation should be taken care of all the medical expenses. Workers compensation should also provide some relief when it comes to lost income. Of course, many workers understand that workers compensation as a form of insurance and that means you’re going to have to fight for fair compensation, typically through slip and fall cases. That is where worker’s compensation attorneys come into action.

At Young, Reverman, and Mazzei we help the victims of on-the-job accidents recover workers compensation that they deserve. You should not be left with medical expenses because you went through the medical network associated with the workers compensation insurance but not covered through your own health insurance. You should not be left with medical expenses for injuries that you sustained while you were working. Let a professional handle your slip and fall cases. There are plenty of dangerous jobs, and plenty of jobs that should pose no danger at all. What they all share is that accidents still happen, and when they do call Young, Reverman, and Mazzei.

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