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How To Start Recovering After Being Paralyzed in a Motorcycle Crash

Your medical team will be the most outspoken on this arrangement. After being paralyzed in a motorcycle crash, your recovery revolves around having the right specialists and physical therapists available for your needs. These injuries and the recovery to a full life afterward is often extremely expensive, but it can be all the difference between learning new capabilities or going into a deep depression and relying on others.

If you’re struggling with medical bills after a motorcycle crash, a Cincinnati motorcycle crash attorney may be able to help.

Should You Expect to Walk Again After Being Paralyzed in a Motorcycle Crash?

The location and “completeness” of the injury will mark whether your doctors believe that you’ll be able to regain any function. An injury between C1 and C8 can result in quadriplegia, or loss of use in both arms and legs, whereas S1 to S5 can cause full paralysis in the legs as well as many internal functions.  But there are many injuries in between.

For example, a Lumbar spinal cord injury may result in weakened legs or loss of sensation but not use so the person may continue to experience sexual events, control their bowels and bladder.

The details of your injury will paint the picture over whether you can recover to the point of walking, or if your recovery is more about attaining self-sufficiency. While you should always be optimistic, you should expect your medical team to be more realistic or even pessimistic.

What Does Paralysis Mean Exactly?

Paralysis means that you’ve lost physical sensation, use, or experienced weekending in your limbs, internal functions, or throughout major parts of your body. With stroke victims, they will often experience paralysis through one side of their body rather than their legs or arms. Motorcycle accident victims experience paralysis differently because it was caused by trauma, not a medical condition.

Most people don’t understand that there are so many different factors that play into a paralysis diagnosis that it does not simply mean “wheelchair-bound.”

Paralysis is New, But it’s Manageable.

Paralysis in itself isn’t new, but to you, it is, and for many victims, it’s absolutely devastating. On that same hand, you hear countless stories of people who have overcome these life-changing challenges and made a new and even more exciting life for themselves.

Among those people afflicted with paralysis after living so much of their life with full body, function is the famous Christopher Reeve, otherwise known as Superman. The Reeve Foundation offers a wide variety of emotional and physical support for those who are newly paralyzed. Connecting with these types of communities and support systems should be part of your recovery.

Learn to manage depression, physical therapy treatments, and understanding the new procedures that can impact your injury. Ultimately, this is an injury, and that means it’s manageable. In planning your management, you’ll need to work out your identity, balance your relationships, and plan ahead for taking care of yourself.

Adjusting to Life and Understanding How Pain and Suffering Factors into Your Claim

Have you lost the ability to play your favorite sport? Maybe you’ll never ride again, and that was your weekend hobby that gave you a sense of freedom. What about your family and your spouse? The changes to their lives may be as substantial as the changes to yours.

Pain and suffering are part of adjusting to this new way of life. The only consolation prize is the possibility of a fluffed up compensation check because you’ve lost joy, freedom, access to your many hobbies, in some situations consortium, and more. Although many paralyzed people go on to learn a new sport, adapt their old hobbies to fit their new abilities or find different avenues to enjoy life here and now is upsetting and painful.

If You’ve Been Paralyzed in a Motorcycle Crash, Contact an Attorney

After any motorcycle crash, you’ll be left with remarkably high medical bills, no mode of transportation, and given the context of this article, paralysis. If you’ve been paralyzed in a motorcycle crash, then you will likely have medical, mental, and emotional trauma that spans far beyond the normal extent of a car wreck. Get legal help to navigate these choppy waters around your recovery and obtaining compensation for your injuries.

Young, Reverman & Mazzei is a local Cincinnati motorcycle accident law office, and we provide aid and assistance to the victims of these crashes. As a motorcyclist, we understand that you are already underrepresented and facing scrutiny, which is unjust. Our legal team helps to show that your injuries and trauma are more impactful than what you see in any standard car wreck, not because of your actions but because of the actions of another.

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