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Motorcycle Accidents: Is Lane Splitting Legal in Ohio?

A wrecked motorcycle in the middle of the road.

Too often, we see news about motorcycle accidents in Cincinnati, Ohio. Stories like a man killed in a crash after overturning his motorcycle or a rider thrown from their bike after losing control; and similar news where people experience the same fate nearby after biking off the road and hitting a ditch.

Every month several motorcycle accidents are reported, where in some cases, the injured person ends up losing their life. In summers, Ohio’s roads can prove extremely deadly for motorcyclists. In the US, motorcyclist deaths occur 27 times more frequently than the fatality rate in other vehicles.

Lane splitting is the cause of many motorcycle accidents. In this article, we answer the question of whether lane splitting is illegal.

Facts About Motorcycle Accidents in Cincinnati, Ohio:

Here are a few facts about motorcycle accidents in Ohio:

  • In 2007, the second leading cause of accidental injury death amongst all ages in Ohio was accidental motor vehicle traffic injuries.
  • In 2007, estimated motorcyclists were 37 times more likely to die and 9 times likely to be injured than the occupants of passenger cars per vehicle
  • More than 303,000 crashes happened on the Ohio roads in 2017, resulting in 109,000 injuries and approximately 1,200 fatalities. Among the entire crashes, around 4,000 were motorcycle accidents

What Is Lane Sharing and Is It Legal in Ohio?

Many times, motorcyclists meet accidents due to speeding or disobeying rules. You might have been on the highway and noticed a group of motorcyclists passing you by. However, the tension increases when some motorcyclists start sharing the lane. Lane sharing and lane splitting are two main reasons why motorcyclists fall prey to accidents.

In Ohio, certain rules and regulations apply only to motorcyclists. As stated in Section 4511.55 of the Ohio Revised Code, two bikes are allowed to ride side by side in a lane, which is called lane sharing. However, the motorcyclists can’t ride with more than two motorcycles side by side.

Even though there is no specific law that prohibits lane sharing in the state of Ohio, it becomes an issue because it breaks other standing traffic laws. If a motorcyclist is involved in an accident while they were in the process of lane sharing, the jury is likely to hold them responsible.

People argue for and against lane sharing. Those in favor say that it can cut down the amount of time required to commute. On the contrary, those against lane sharing state that it is extremely unsafe and can often surprise other drivers on the road. It can also be a risk of other accidents.

What Is Lane Splitting and Is It Legal in Ohio?

What happens when a motorcycle or bicycle tries to move between two lanes going in the same direction? In simple words, can a motorcycle or bike ride on the line that is between two lanes? This concept is called lane splitting, and it is illegal and prohibited in almost all states, including Ohio.

If a motorcycle accident in Cincinnati, Ohio occurs when the motorcyclists break the rules and are found guilty of lane splitting, they may receive a traffic citation and a fine for the dangerous operation of a vehicle. Moreover, if you are found to be involved in an accident while lane splitting, you would be held partially liable.

The only state that has officially legalized lane splitting is California. However, it allows cyclists to do so only under certain conditions. The road must have at least two traffic lanes going in a similar direction as well as the riders must remain under a certain speed while engaging in driving.

Get Help After Motorcycle Crashes:

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