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All You Need To Know About Any Motorcycle Accident In Cincinnati

Riding a motorcycle is thrilling and time-consuming, but it comes with risks, especially when you are going on a long ride. Even with a helmet and full protective gear on, a motorcycle accident in Cincinnati can be worse and life-threatening due to the negligence of drivers driving larger vehicles. A small or minor accident for a car or truck can be devastating and life-altering for a motorcyclist.

If you or someone you know is affected by a motorcycle accident or has lost someone precious in the event, you have full right to seek monetary and non-monetary compensation from the person liable. For this, it is important to know the cases under which you can file a motorcycle accident lawsuit.

Motorcycle Accident Cases

Here are some common causes of a motorcycle accident in Cincinnati that can help define your case.

Left Turns

A motorcyclist should be extra careful while taking on the intersection. Accidents happen when a car is making a left turn, and the motorcycle gets hit from the front while crossing the intersection. The car driver will be perfectly okay, but the motorcyclist will have to bear the brunt of the situation.

Lane Switching

Motorcyclists are also most commonly hit when other vehicles are changing lanes. The drivers of other vehicles fail to check their blind spots. This results in accidentally hitting a motorcyclist from the rear end, making them lose their balance and fall or skid away in certain situations.

Head-On Collisions

Head-on collisions are when the vehicles hit each other from the front. These usually occur at high speeds and can be deadly, at least for a motorcyclist. To avoid a head-on collision while on the motorcycle, always read the signs ahead, and drive within safe speed limits.

Lane Splitting

Drivers on two-wheelers usually do lane splitting. This is like changing lanes in a criss-cross manner to avoid slow-moving traffic or stopped vehicles. Such motorcycle accidents are caused because of the fault of the motorcyclist itself. Such accidents occur due to proximity of the vehicles, compromised space for the motorcycle to drive through, and the other driver not expecting someone else to pass by.

Impaired Driving

Driving under the influence is another major cause of motorcycle accidents. Alcohol leads to impaired judgment, lack of coordination, and lost control, making motorcyclists prone to serious accidents.

Improper Road Conditions

Who to blame when the accident is caused due to poor condition roads, open potholes, waterlogging, lack of road signages, and other reasons? You still have the right to get compensated by the government.


Driving at speed is like causing trouble for yourself. Speeding on a motorcycle on a busy road or even on highways can be deadly.

Determining Fault In A Motorcycle Accident in Cincinnati

A motorcyclist is at an advantage when determining fault. Finding the at-fault driver in an accident is tough and may take about weeks and even months to prove so. However, in a motorcycle accident in Cincinnati, it is usually the car or truck driver who is found at fault.

In some states, the law follows a comparative negligence system to determine compensation for the damages resulting from a motorcycle accident. If a clear at-fault driver can be found, the party is liable to compensate for the financial and non-financial losses resulting from the accident.

However, if both the drivers were partially at fault, the compensation is decided on percentage. That is, the driver who is 20% liable for the accident will receive 80% compensation instead of 100% (in case you were a not-at-fault driver).

Things To Do When You Are Injured Or Suffered Damage In A Motorcycle Accident in Cincinnati

  • File a claim with your own insurance company
  • File a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company (if any)
  • File a claim for uninsured motorist coverage (if any)
  • File a personal injury lawsuit with the help of an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer

Taking the help of an experienced lawyer can help in maximizing the compensation. It will also help prove that you were not-at-fault driver by collecting evidence right from the spot of the accident to everything else necessary. If you have lost a sole breadwinner in a motorcycle accident, attorneys can further help provide the best possible compensation for funeral and loss of income expenses.

So, if you or someone you know has suffered from a motorcycle accident in Cincinnati, we recommend consulting a motorcycle accident attorney for professional advice and consultation. Talk with us to learn more and discover how we can be of help to you.

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