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Minor Car Accident in Ohio – Do You Need a Lawyer?

Suppose you are involved in a minor car accident in Ohio. In that case, things can go both ways – either the matter is resolved smoothly, and compensations are paid appropriately, or a dispute could arise, which would require a legal proceeding to set things straight.

As such, you might be faced with a confusing decision. Do you need a lawyer or not? Being aware of all the possible scenarios after a minor car accident will help you decide if legal assistance is necessary. Here’s a quick guide on what can happen after a minor car accident, what you need to do, and whether you should approach an attorney or not.

What To Do After A Minor Car Accident?

After a minor car accident, the proper course of action is to file a damage compensation and/or injury claim with the insurance agency of the driver who is at fault. Ideally, the insurance company will cover the cost for the faultless driver, and these costs include not just the damage to the vehicle but also other expenses such as:

  • All medical costs such as hospital and medication fees in case of an injury.
  • Compensation for loss of income/wages if the accident leads to the faultless driver missing work.

If the insurance company willingly pays out the claims, everything is settled easily, and a lawyer is not required. However, insurance agencies often try to settle for less than what is claimed. Or in some cases, the supposed at-fault driver may refuse to accept the accusation. Even then, you can take the case to small claims court and choose to carry on with the legal proceedings without a lawyer.

When pursuing a case in small claims court in Ohio, it’s up to you if you want a lawyer to handle the case or do without one. If you feel that you are unable to control the proceedings on your own, you can hire a lawyer.

If you experience a minor car accident in Ohio for no fault of your own, here are some things you should do right away to ensure you have a strong case for filing compensation.

  • Note the license plate number of the other vehicle
  • Report the accident to local authorities
  • Seek medical help right away
  • Keep a record of all expenses that you bear after the accident, because of the accident. Safely store all medical bills, vehicle repair bills, and any other bills or invoices that vouch for the expenses you incur due to the accident.

When Does It Become Necessary To Hire A Lawyer After A Minor Car Accident in Ohio?

There are various scenarios where hiring a lawyer after a minor car accident becomes necessary. But such scenarios can be generalized under three categories:

Expensive Compensation

If the accident causes damages to the faultless driver’s vehicle such that the compensation turns out to be quite expensive, the party at fault, as well as the insurance company will be more determined to avoid paying an expensive compensation. In such a case, you might need to take a more serious approach and get help from an accident attorney.

Serious Injury

Even a minor car accident in Ohio can lead to serious physical injury, which might require extensive treatment and an equally expensive cost for treatment. Again, in such cases, the accused party and their insurance agency might take a more aggressive legal stance to avoid paying high compensation. Failing to be compensated properly, that too after sustaining severe injuries, can be detrimental for the faultless driver, so it becomes essential to hire an accident lawyer in such cases.


It’s common for disputes to arise after a minor car accident. The arguments can result from the accused driver not willing to accept fault, or the nature of the accident itself may be confusing without a clear indication of which driver was at fault in the first place. And as mentioned before, compensation can also be a cause of dispute with the faultless driver claiming higher compensation while the insurance agency is trying their best to settle for much less. So legal assistance from an attorney becomes essential to settle the case in such a minor car accident in Ohio.

Being Accused Of Fault

Looking at things from the opposite end, if you have been accused as the party at fault for the minor car accident in Ohio and believe that you have been wrongly accused, you will certainly need a lawyer to prove your innocence in court and also file for compensation if or when you manage to clear the accusations and prove that the other party was at fault.

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