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Why Work With an Estate Planning Attorney in Cincinnati?

The needs of estate planning vary from person to person. It isn’t like one bill that fits all. There is no set or fixed plan that everyone can use.

An estate planning attorney takes care of a lot of aspects. He performs the process of reviewing and preparing the transfer of all your assets to your heirs.

Estate planning is often confused with creating a will. However, it is much more than just wills. It involves a broad classification of services like tax planning, trusts, probate services, guardianship, handling of real estate property, investment and other assets, and much more.

Why Hire an Estate Planning Attorney in Cincinnati?

An estate planning attorney knows the ins and outs of dealing with different sorts of estate planning. Some of the ways an estate planning attorney in Cincinnati can help you out are:

Preparing Legal Documents

Well, it is easy to find legal documents regarding trusts and wills online. However, sometimes it isn’t easy to find the right one with so much data available online. You may even come across fake, old and inappropriate documents that may not work for you in Cincinnati.

An estate planning attorney will review your assets and will know the correct legal document for you. Moreover, they will know the right parts to be filled, making the process easier and smooth.

Will or a Trust

An estate planning attorney would also decide which option will be better for your circumstances, a will or a trust.

There are a variety of trusts that can be considered over a will suiting specific situations. An estate planning attorney will help you explore all the options and take you through the right path, following your discretion.

Legal Requirements

The work of an estate planning attorney does stop at choosing the type of estate planning service that suits you. But, further, they also help in meeting all the legal requirements.

The legal requirements in case of creating a will would also involve probate administration.

The will has to be written with utmost consideration to make it legally binding for the legal heirs to receive their rightful portion. Also, there has to be an executor that has a deep understanding of the will.

Similarly, there are other legal requirements in the case of the administration of trusts. A good estate planning attorney would be a good listener to listen to your estate plan in detail. Thereafter, he would ensure and guide you and the administrator through the estate administration process.

Lets You Think Ahead of Future

If you share the full details of your assets, an estate planning attorney will provide a better outlook on future events.

They would work upon preserving your assets for future use. For instance, Medicaid can help you protect a part of your legacy from being consumed in nursing home care.

According to NCBI stats, 4.5 percent of the elderly live in nursing homes and 2% in assisted living conditions in the US. The average annual cost of living in a nursing home in Ohio costs around $84,000. A Medicaid helps in reducing these costs if you have sufficient assets under your name.

Thus, an estate planning attorney can develop such plans to protect your legacy and make the most appropriate use of it.

Services Provided By Estate Planning Attorneys

Some of the few services in which an estate planning attorney can assist you include:

Updation and Creation Of Wills

He can update the will according to new changes in the family and even work upon creating them from scratch.


The creation of trusts helps in reducing the payment of taxes. They can further keep all the options open how you would like to transfer your assists. It could be to your heirs, charitable organizations, or other beneficiaries.

Power of Attorneys

Power of attorneys is like living wills that grant authority to a person to make decisions of health, finance, and legal matters on someone else behalf.

Tax Planning

Estate planning attorneys also assist in tax planning if a person has large estates and complicated situations.


Guardianship is a way to assist older people and children who cannot make sound decisions for themselves.

Contact Our Cincinnati Estate Planning Attorneys

So, as you can see, estate planning is essential. If you or your loved one needs to get assistance in terms of estate planning in Cincinnati, contact our estate planning attorneys today.

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