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Cincinnati Uber Accident Lawyer

Have you recently been injured in a Lyft or Uber accident? Then you can take legal action against Uber or the driver’s insurance company. You are entitled to receive compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost income, and other damages. Get in touch with an experienced Cincinnati Uber Accident Lawyer at Young, Reverman & Mazzei at 513-854-8885 for a free consultation session.
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What is Uber?

Uber is an American multinational rideshare company that was founded in 2009 as “UberCab” in San Francisco. The business was created to provide an inexpensive and convenient way of hiring private drivers by sharing the costs with friends. This, in time, evolved into the giant global company that today offers a wide range of services all centered around the chartering private transportation through an electronic app. UberX, which was created in 2012, is the most popular and widely used Uber service and it is also the one that raises most concern to riders in terms of rideshare car accidents. Apart from UberX, Uber also offers other services such as UberSUV and UberBLACK that provide for chartering of larger vehicles as well as luxury vehicles.

What are the Insurance Requirements of Uber in the State of Ohio?

Regardless of the fact that Uber insures its drivers, the drivers are still required to have their own personal insurance. However, if the driver is utilizing their own personal vehicle for UberX, insurers won’t pay claims on the driver’s personal insurance. UberX is the most used and inexpensive Uber option. There has been a heated debate over whether or not the insurance of the rideshare company should compensate for crashes that happen when there isn’t any passenger(s) in the car. This can be situations such as when the driver is on the way to pick a client or when they are waiting for a job. Fortunately, this uncertainty was done away with by an Ohio law, HB 237, which went into effect in March 2016. This law states that the rideshare company’s insurance will pay for crashes in cases where the driver is logged into the company’s app. There is an exception only if the driver’s insurance also covers ridesharing, however, this is not common. The minimum commercial coverage required by Ohio law for bodily harm for each person is $50,000, $100,000 per collision, and $25,000 for property damages. Obviously, this amount isn’t a lot, since if you sustain injuries in a car crash, then your medical expenses can quickly exceed $50,000. In fact, these are the same amounts promised to all U.S. drivers by Uber according to its website. A $1,000 deductible applies for damages to an Uber driver’s car. In case you are traveling in a rideshare vehicle and get involved in an accident and the other driver is at fault, then you can file a claim with the insurer of that driver just like you would with other collisions. But if they don’t have insurance, then you might have to seek compensation from the rideshare company. Rideshare companies are required by Ohio law to always carry total liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000. Yet again a similar amount promised by Uber.
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How Does Uber Perform Background Checks?

All rideshare companies including Uber are required by Ohio law to perform background checks on all their drivers. Uber examines both driving and criminal records. But it isn’t a legal requirement for the rideshare companies to furnish the state with their findings. The background checks usually involve checking the driver’s criminal record, vehicle documentation, license and driving record, and sex offender records. The background checks for taxi drivers are more strict than those of rideshare drivers. Taxicabs have different regulations from those of rideshare drivers and some cities have more stringent taxi regulations than others. In Cincinnati, for instance, before taxi drivers can be allowed to drive, their fingerprints have to be recorded and they have to submit character references in addition to the standard background checks.

What Should You Do After an Uber Accident?

To start with, check to ensure that everybody is alright. Safety should be your top priority. Don’t risk getting out of the car in the middle of busy traffic, do so only after ensuring that it is safe. Call for emergency medical services in case anyone was hurt. You shouldn’t ignore even the minor injuries as they may be more serious than they initially appear. Secondly, record and document every detail of the accident. The information you gather following the accident may be very useful in supporting your claim in times to come. You definitely want your Uber accident lawyer to empowered as much as possible. In case the accident happened during period two, quickly take a screenshot of the app in order to preserve evidence. Doing so puts your lawyer in a better position to fight your case. After this is done, take the standard measures taken after an accident, which include collecting contact and license plate details, and also insurance information from all the drivers involved. Remember to politely request for the contact information of the witnesses present. It is generally wise to contact the police in order for them to file a police report which is usually an important part of the evidence. The third step of action is seeking medical treatment in case of injuries. Regardless of whether they are minor injuries or more severe ones, you need to get the necessary medical attention as it will form the basis of your personal injury claim. It will be much difficult for your lawyer to prove the full extent of your injuries if you don’t receive medical treatment. The more documented evidence you possess of your injuries, the higher your chances of success and a larger amount of compensation. Lastly, contact a rideshare accident lawyer. If you’ve been injured in an Uber accident in Cincinnati, immediately contact an attorney. Failure to act fast can lead to prolonged pain and health deterioration. You also need to schedule treatment in a timely manner in order to avoid losing or compromising important evidence. Furthermore, memory tends to be less reliable with time. Finally, keep in mind that there is a statute of limitations for personal injury claims and if you fail to act in time, you lose your legal right to pursue compensation.

How Are Damages Recovered in an Uber Accident Case?

At times, the process of pursuing compensation for damages following an Uber accident can be a complex and arduous process to undertake. This is especially true in case Uber raises issues. In such situations, you need to have a professional Uber accident lawyer on your side in order to gain an upper-hand. The key benefit of a lawyer is their expertise and experience in dealing with legal matters. If you were involved in an accident that resulted in you sustaining severe injuries, then you should seek the assistance of a rideshare accident lawyer immediately. In general, an Uber accident lawyer doesn’t charge any upfront fees. In addition, when it comes to winning legal cases, having a professional and experienced accident lawyer significantly increases your chances of success. Hence, there is basically nothing to lose and lots to gain. Do proper research to ensure that the lawyer you hire is experienced in dealing with Uber accidents and rideshare insurance in Ohio.
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What Happens If You Are Injured As An Uber Passenger?

It goes without saying that when you ride an Uber, your safety depends on your driver. Therefore, if you are harmed, then you should be compensated. At almost all times, the passenger is usually a faultless victim in the accident. Not much evidence is required to prove it. Any Uber accident lawyer in Cincinnati will disclose to you that the biggest problem that passengers face is proving the extent of their injuries. In order to prove the seriousness of your injuries and get full compensation, you might require professional legal assistance. Uber drivers’ car insurance is there to help cover passenger damages. What’s more, Uber provides uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage in the event that the driver at fault isn’t insured. Regardless, you should never consider Uber an ally. At the end of the day, they are a business and will do anything to protect their finances and ensure that the responsibility is handled by another party. If you have been injured wrongfully in an Uber accident, then your best chances of attaining justice lie with an Uber accident lawyer in Cincinnati, OH. Choosing the right lawyer helps you achieve the most favorable results. No one should deter you from pursuing fair compensation. You are entitled to pursue compensation for medical costs, lost income, pain, and other damages if you were injured as a passenger in an Uber accident. Cincinnati Uber Accident Lawyer Infographic

What Happens if an Uber Driver Hits a Pedestrian?

Uber service and rideshare, in general, is still a fairly new concept, hence, one of its biggest challenges is dealing with the complexity of the law.  Back in the year 2013, there arose a water watershed Uber accident case that created a precedent. An Uber driver by the name Syed Muzzafar knocked down and killed a 6-year-old girl. He hit her while she was crossing the road and at that time the Uber app was open. However, there wasn’t any passenger in the car. Considering that fact, Uber contented their liability. They resorted to the argument that Uber drivers aren’t actual employees rather independent contractors. However, due to major public pressure, Uber had to pay compensation to the girl’s family. Considering that Uber will often try to avoid their legal liabilities, you shouldn’t rely on the company to support you in such cases. You aren’t guaranteed of recovering damages if you’ve been hit by an Uber driver. You can also be part of a fierce legal battle particularly if the driver had no passengers when the accident happened. In such situations, hiring a lawyer is crucial in order to achieve the most favorable case results. You need to safeguard your rights after an accident involving an Uber driver.

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