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Electric Car Accident Lawsuits In Cincinnati

It’s not uncommon to see an electric car running on the streets of Cincinnati, Ohio. The growth of electric vehicles on the road is at its all-time high.

As more and more electric vehicles take space on the road in Cincinnati, their efficiency and safety are now being tested in real situations. Do you own an electric car in Cincinnati? Have you been in an electric car accident?

If you are seriously injured as part of an electric car accident in Cincinnati, you can look up to us in Cincinnati to file an electric car accident lawsuit. Here is everything more about electric car accident lawsuits in Cincinnati.

What Leads to Electric Car Accidents in Cincinnati?

The safety of electric cars is still in question. However, in one of its statements, electric car manufacturer Tesla, revealed that autopilot makes electric cars safer than fueled cars as computers react faster than the human mind in adverse situations.

The manufacturers also argue that their electric cars are safer than internal combustible vehicles. The probability of collision-related fire accidents in gas vehicles is more than in the case of battery-operated vehicles.

Here are some of the common reasons why electric car accidents happen:

1. Their Silent Operation

Electric car accidents fall prey to accidents sometimes due to their silent operation. Like most other vehicles, you cannot hear an electric car or vehicle approaching as they make no sound. However, electric car accidents at night become more vulnerable as you can’t see or hear them coming. This is one of the reasons why electric car accidents are increasing in the US.

2. Use Of Lithium Batteries

An Electric car works on lithium batteries instead of fuel like petrol or diesel. They are considered safer than vehicles that have a tank full of highly combustible liquid in them. There is a high probability of fuel cars catching fire.

But it is also argued that most of the electric car accidents in the US are caused due to collisions and fire explosions. This is because lithium batteries are overheated due to continuous vehicle operation and tend to catch fire and explode.

Li-ion batteries to fit in cars have to be small and yet be power-packed with energy to handle the enormous size of the vehicle. Most electric car accidents occur on collisions as the car suddenly catches fire when the battery explodes. For this reason, now the manufacturers are working towards placing batteries at an isolated position where batteries do not have to bear the brunt of collisions.

3. Overcharging

Another reason for electric car accidents is overcharging. Overcharging a lithium battery would mean overheating it to the point that it explodes.

You cannot think of leaving your car on charge overnight. This has already caused many homes to burn down as the car catches fire due to mechanical issues with charging ports.

4. Autopilot Feature

An electric car can also be kept on autopilot in dire circumstances. However, people are taking advantage of the feature by keeping the car on autopilot in a slow-moving traffic area and sleeping while the vehicle is on.

This has made manufacturers warn drivers to begin misusing the feature. They are also working on ways to eliminate these situations from arising.

Electric Car Accident Lawsuits in Cincinnati

In the US, there are ample ongoing car accident lawsuits for electric vehicles against the manufacturers themselves. Class-action lawsuits are being filed against Tesla and other manufacturers for faulty machinery and other safety issues.

Here are some of the common reasons that led to electric car accidents lawsuits in Cincinnati:

  • Electric cars have a touchscreen that controls safety devices, communication, and navigation. Unfortunately, there are many cases where the touchscreen blanks out, causing safety issues.
  • Design and mechanical issues like faulty control arm design and others lead to electric car accidents
  • Autopilot accidents causing injuries to both pedestrians as well as the electric car drivers
  • Locking automatic doors in case of a crash, fire making the passengers and drivers of electric cars stay locked in case of accidents.
  • Defective and removable speed limiters have caused many accidents, allowing drivers to drive at an unsafe speed when removed.

These issues and an increasing number of electric car accidents in Cincinnati have caused many people to file electric car lawsuits. If you have been injured due to the involvement of an electric car accident in any way, you should specifically file an electric car accident lawsuit.  Electric car accident lawsuits are to be dealt with differently than car accidents as they involve having a deep understanding of the electric vehicle working to fight the case reasonably.

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