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Dog Bites During Deliveries

During the COVID-19 shutdowns, many people relied on delivery services. From Instacart and Amazon to UPS and FedEx that delivery drivers worked diligently. Unfortunately, not every yard is so welcoming. While some employees have the option to pursue damages through workers’ compensation, many delivery drivers are in the “gig economy.” Working in the “gig economy” basically means that they often don’t have protection through workers’ compensation or unemployment. Even getting a disability after an injury could be difficult because of their employment status. It’s critical that your dog bite injuries are taken seriously.

Delivering Onto Private Property

Whenever you step into a gate or cross a driveway, you’re taking a risk. Not only are there water hoses laying around, but also animals, and other risks. Leaving your car has become dangerous, and it’s a part of your job. The elements of a job can always be dangerous, but these dangers are usually unavoidable.

Of course, if you notice that a dog is not restrained and looks like, or you feel, could attack, then remain in your car. It’s not like the days when you have to get on board and buck up to deliver that package. Often you can use the app such as DoorDash, Instacart, Grubhub, and others to alert that you’re not comfortable entering the property. Many companies won’t push their employees to enter a potentially dangerous situation. However, many people, especially within the gig economy, feel as though they have to enter the yard.

When going onto the private property, the general rule is that the property owner will assume liability for all injuries or accidents. They’re inviting you onto the property, and on that same note, they should provide a safe environment. Unfortunately, many people aren’t considerate when it comes to their pets. So if “Fluffy” is a huge Doberman Pincer that’s ready to attack, they may not even see it as a problem.

Suffering Dog Bite Injuries

Dog bite injuries can range from a minor skin break to severe infection and possible amputation. Dogs have bacteria in their saliva that doesn’t naturally occur within the human body. And, every year, about 4.7 million Americans experience a dog bite. While many of them don’t seek the medical help you need, it’s vital that you do.

After a dog bite, it might seem like everything is just fine. Sure, it’s just a dog bite. Except, it’s not. That bacteria could result in skin eating bacterial infections, or worse. People end up with severe muscle loss and deterioration because of infections. It’s not enough to put some hydrogen peroxide on it. You will likely need aggressive antibiotic treatments. Go to a doctor or urgent care center and then explain what happened.

Should You File For Workers’ Comp or A Lawsuit?

Some companies, such as FedEx, UPS, and Amazon, have workers’ compensation insurance in place. However, businesses such as Instacart don’t offer that protection. Instacart puts all responsibility for insurance on its drivers, which includes workers’ compensation, health insurance, car insurance, and liability insurance. That means you will probably have to turn to the property owner’s homeowners’ insurance policy for compensation.

After an accident, including a dog, private property, and you working at the time, you’ll need to contact an attorney. Dog bite attorneys are one option for support and finding out who you need to file your claim or lawsuit with to close the case. Ultimately, dog bites usually fall into the homeowner’s insurance, in that the homeowner was liable and that the dog should have been restrained.

The contracts between gig-workers and gig-employees make it difficult for these “employees” to know where to stand. Some offer insurance for drivers only if they’re in a crash, but not for any other type of injury.

Personal Injury Attorneys in Cincinnati Can Help Victims With Dog Bite Injuries

Personal injury attorneys can help answer murky questions such as how you should expect a case to go forward. They can also help you identify who is responsible, and what, if any, insurance policies are involved. During a dog bite injury, the property owner or dog owner should always be involved. During that time, it’s easy to asses that that damages can range drastically, and homeowners’ insurance may or may not payout.

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