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Car Crash in Ohio: Do Insurers Hire Private Investigators

A car insurance company may have tried to deny your claim or offered a lowball settlement offer if you have already filed a claim after a car crash in Ohio. You might have an idea of how determined and committed they are to saving money. Why do insurers sometimes use private detectives to locate the information they can use against you? They may go to extreme lengths to find something they can use in a case against you.

You can learn more about this issue from our experienced lawyers below, including the established boundaries for private investigators to spy on you. Our Cincinnati Car accident attorneys have won millions on behalf of road accident victims who have questions about their legal options or are having trouble getting compensation from insurance companies. If you have questions about your legal options or need assistance getting compensation from the insurance company after a car crash in Ohio, we are here to help you.

Traffic fatalities are recorded by the Ohio State Highway Patrol throughout the year. In 2017, there were 1,131 traffic fatalities in Ohio, and in 2018, there were 1,057 traffic fatalities.

Can Car Insurance Companies Spy On You?

Private investigators are allowed to photograph you in public, examine your social media posts, discuss your work or home with your colleagues, and review public records. One may argue that whether engaging a private investigator is unethical or illegal. However, the act is deemed to be perfectly lawful.

There is the possibility that a private investigator could learn a lot about you, and some of this information may help the insurance company in its attempt to deny or understate your claim. Of course, insurance companies only do this when the claim is complicated or a lot of funds may be at stake.

Private investigators have a limited scope of services that they are allowed to provide. For example, wiretapping a cell phone is illegal. One can do so only after obtaining a warrant from a judge.

Moreover, private investigators are prohibited to take pictures of you or your family through a window, encroaching on privately owned property, impersonating a police officer or, impersonating any other person (including an insurance adjuster or other representative of an insurance company).

Intimidation or threats, whether verbal or physical, are prohibited by private investigators.

Do I Have to be Concerned About Something After a Car Crash in Ohio?

It is not worth the trouble to fret about a private investigator if you have hired a lawyer and are following your doctor’s orders for medical treatment. If you find one, let your lawyer know and they may be able to provide additional information to help you protect the integrity of your suit.

You should always speak the truth to your doctor after a car crash in Ohio. If you claim that you cannot bend over and then play or exercise with your friends or children, then you might be in a tough spot. If you claim that you can bend over but it causes pain, but then you post outdoor activities on your socials, you commit insurance fraud. Once you have described the pain you felt or what you needed to do later in the night to reduce it, you will need to explain how to take medicine or use ice.

Take a break from social media during your application to avoid making any unintentionally damaging posts. Taking a break from social media can also help to avoid unwittingly damaging your case. The concern is that you want to avoid pretending that your life has resumed normality and you have no physical limitations. Posting about the exercise or going out with friends, or having a vacation can be harmful to the person requesting the claim.

What Happens If an Investigator Goes Over the Limit?

We are not only here to seek maximum compensation; we are also here to assist you throughout this process. Therefore, please notify your lawyer if you believe you or someone close to you is in danger. In short, you should report any illegal behavior to your attorney immediately.

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