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Details of an Aftermath: Car Accident With An Uber Driver in Cincinnati

Have you recently had a car accident with an Uber driver? Are you familiar with Cincinnati laws on accidents caused by ridesharing services like Uber? If you suffer injuries due to a car accident caused by an Uber driver, you can legally claim compensation. Even if you’re lucky not to have experienced such a mishap, it’s always useful to know about the policies, regulations, and what you can do in the unfortunate event that you get in a car accident with an Uber driver in Cincinnati.

Uber Driver Insurance Policies

The first thing you need to know about is Uber’s insurance policies on their drivers. Uber is a reputed ridesharing and cab service which insures all its drivers. In addition, Uber also requires that the drivers have their own personal insurance plan. In case of an accident, as long as the driver is carrying a passenger and is logged on to the Uber app, the company’s insurance policy will cover the claims.

So it’s clear that if you’re riding an Uber cab as a passenger and the driver’s fault leads to an accident, the company’s insurance policy must handle your compensation claim. Another case is when you drive your own vehicle and get into a collision with an Uber car due to no fault on your part. You can file for compensation in such cases, too, which will also be covered by Uber’s driver insurance policy.

What To Do After A Car Accident With An Uber Driver?

If you get in an accident with an Uber driver, try your best to stay calm and composed and follow these basic instructions:

Check For Injuries, Seek Medical Help

Look around and see if you, the driver, or anyone else has sustained serious injuries and immediately call for medical services. Also, try to identify any internal injuries that are not directly visible and give you false assurance of being well and fine.

Call Local Authorities

Call the nearest local authority in Cincinnati or dial 911 to file a report of the incident. Describe the event as clearly as you can remember and wait for the medical services and authorities to arrive on the scene.

Take Pictures Of The Scene

While you’re there, take pictures of the aftermath of the accident, the Uber vehicle’s license plate, and details of the driver. These pictures, along with the ride details logged in your Uber app, will prove to be credible evidence when you’re filing for compensation.

Get Proper Treatment, Keep All Medical Bills

As you leave the scene of the accident, your priority should be to get prompt treatment so that you can get back on your feet. While you’re seeking treatment, store all the medical bills safely, as these will help you evaluate the settlement amount.

Contact An Attorney To Take The Case Forward

Once you have filed for compensation, Uber may deny accusations and refuse to settle the claim, or they may try to settle for much less than what you are asking. So you will need the help of a professional attorney to pursue the case legally. An experienced lawyer can help you prepare a strong case in court and back your claims with evidence, ensuring that you are compensated aptly for all your expenses.

Why Do I Need An Attorney For a Car Accident with an Uber Driver?

Filing for compensation after an Uber accident may not be smooth and easy if you’re handling things yourself. The rules and policies set by the state and Uber’s own policies can be confusing to deal with. If the company refuses payment and chooses to challenge your claims, it will only make things even more complicated for you. That is why it’s essential to get help from a professional lawyer experienced with handling such accident cases. They can guide you on the right course of action, help you collect evidence and documentation, and most importantly, make sure that you do everything within the legal system.

The good thing is that you can find law firms in Cincinnati that offer free consultation and take up Uber accident cases without any upfront fees. You can pay the attorney charges only after they have helped you receive sufficient compensation. So it is best to seek legal assistance from a lawyer as early as possible if you get into a car accident with an Uber driver.

To learn more about accidents with an Uber driver, hire the best Uber accident attorney in Cincinnati with us. Contact us to learn more.

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