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Car Accident Injuries That Result in Total Permanent Disability

There is no doubt in any driver’s mind that a car accident can lead to major injuries. Even during training for a driver’s exam, people become familiar with the extensive injuries and disabilities that can happen from a crash.

After a wreck that leaves you with a new disability is sure to come with many questions as well. Always focus on your recovery first, but you might take some comfort in having a few issues addressed.

Defining Total and Permanent Disability

Total and Permanent Disability means that someone is unable to work at all because of injuries. This status might not be forever, but it certainly means for the foreseeable future. TPD will come with a set duration of time where the person will then undergo reevaluation.

TPD doesn’t necessarily mean that the person can’t hold any gainful employment, which is often the belief. But it does mean that at the time being, they cannot work in the capacity necessary for their position. For example, if an electrician loses an arm in a car accident, they would fall under TPD. However, after recovery, rehabilitation, and learning to use a prosthesis, they may be able to return to work. TPD, in relation to your car accident, however, can have a substantial impact on your claim. If a doctor decided that you fit the qualifiers for TPD, then it’s obvious that you have a very clear cut case for your car accident claim. Your injuries are extensive, they will prevent you from working, and it’s not something that you can recover from in a short time.

Common Accident Injuries Resulting in TPD

After accidents, there are a few likely injuries that anyone could experience; some of them pair together as well. For example, disfigurement and burns are technically two injuries, although they may be one and the same.

Traumatic Brain Injuries can be debilitating enough for someone not to be able to hold employment afterward. Injuries that come from a lack of oxygen may leave someone without the brain’s capacity to care for themselves. Or, abrupt force may damage a section of the brain, making it unreasonable for them to continue with their career.

Spinal cord damage or paralysis will impact many people’s ability to get around. Total and Permanent Disability is almost certain under the extent of paralysis. If you lose the function of your limbs, it’s certain that you may need an extensive recovery time and can’t work in a standard capacity. Loss of limb, even including hands or feet, will often cause people to fall into the TPD sector. The disability will often not be life long, but it can make someone unable to work, particularly if they were in an industrious or physically demanding field.

Medical Aspects of Recovery and Expectations

TPD, recovery, and your car accident case intertwine more often than you may believe. During your case, you’ll need your medical records, recovery expectations, and the extent of your injuries to show the degree of compensation that you deserve. Recovering necessary compensation should be available to those who are victims of a crash that has ended a career and possibly made it unreasonable to hold employment.

Being Unable to Work or Forced to Leave Your Field

Many people don’t realize that a disability will cause them to no longer be able to work in their field. In fact, victims may not be able to work at all. The issues of finding employment after a car accident leaves you with permanent disabilities make it clear that employers are often not accommodating.

You may need to go through a rehabilitation program that will help you build new job skills. Other avenues are available but always discuss your employment opportunities with a professional who helps those reenter the workforce after rehabilitation.

Contacting an Attorney in Cincinnati

Working with a Cincinnati personal injury lawyer might not seem like your top priority. However, it’s very likely that you’ll need someone to fight for your claim while you adjust to your new way of life. If you experienced a spinal injury, loss of limb, or the inability to continue working the way you have for years, then your life is significantly changed.

Always consider the fact that your insurance company is not on your side. There is also no doubt that the other driver’s insurance company has no interest in helping you either. Contact Young, Reverman, and Mazzei to get help and insight into how to take charge of your claim.

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