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How an Attorney Can Help With Your Car Accident Claim

After an accident, it’s expected that you may want to file a car accident claim. A dose of positivity: common-sense laws and local legislatures such as the use of seat belts and punishment for drunk driving have reduced the number of fatal car crash accidents by 31% in the US. But when it comes to car crash fatality, the US is certainly far behind its neighbors. It has the worst rate of car crash deaths among 100,000 people in a list of 19 high-income countries. Naturally, car accidents are a common issue, and if you are a car owner, you need to know how to handle the situation and proceed with your car accident claim.

Here is how attorneys can help you navigate the tricky landscape for an insurance claim.

Ways An Attorney Helps You With Car Accident Claim

Negotiate With The Insurer Of The Offending Driver

If you have suffered a personal loss or injury, your lawyer will help you represent all communications with third-party insurance. The insurance company will try to be critical towards the plaintiff’s case, so you need solid communication and grounds. This is where car accident attorneys help you out.

Gathering Legal Evidence

Collecting evidence has lots of prerequisites. An attorney can help you understand how to collect information and evidence legally so that you can prove liability in case of a car crash. Simply taking a few photographs of the accident scene is not quite enough.

Your lawyer might want to verify the scene to gather more insight. They will document all the evidence and present it to the police officers or the witnesses, so you have the edge over the other party.

Preparing Medical Evidence Report

If you have suffered an injury during the crash, it is essential to collect the related documentation. However, it can be difficult to collect relevant bills from your medical care providers. Even though these bills are your property, and you have the complete right to claim them, it is just not a high priority for your medical care provider. They can delay your case indefinitely, resulting in loss of evidence and time. Your lawyer can follow up with the health care provider so they respond to your request for proof in time.

Your lawyer can also verify if every record required to establish your story is intact. The lawyer’s office or paralegal will also take over the task of following up with the medical care providers, so you don’t have to keep running after them incessantly.

There are some technicalities such as prognosis, causation, and disability or damages that have to be recorded by the medical care provider. However, most of the time, they will miss this documentation, making it difficult to prosecute the driver for claiming damages for the injury.

To prove your case through valued medical evidence, you have to gather the extent of your injury – the resulting damages and disability- and the future physical limitation it causes you. You also have to establish that the negligence of the defendant driver caused the injury.

All these things are not often mentioned in your bills. Your lawyer can verify these details and specify to the doctor about the documentation they require after the accident, so your claim has more strength.

Negotiate Settlement Amount

The end goal of claiming damages is negotiating the best settlement, which requires a very specific skillset and a lot of groundwork. Personal injury lawyers are expert at working accident cases which require negotiations.

The amount of money you invest behind the lawyer will be completely offset from your settlement amount. If you try to pursue the car accident claim yourself, you might not have the best results as the insurers will pursue the claim with their attorneys, who are better at negotiating than a layperson.

Collaborating With Lien Holders

If you have claimed the benefits or damages from your worker’s compensation insurer or health insurance, the insurance company lien gets paid before you can receive your damages. A good attorney can collaborate with the lien holder to reduce the lien amount so you can get the maximum share of the car accident claim.

Hire A Car Accident Attorney Now

If you are confused about whether to hire a lawyer or not, a rule of thumb is to analyze the extent of damages. If you have medical care bills over $3000 or were out of work for a week or more, you should hire a lawyer to reach the best settlement.

So, are you finding it tough to get car accident claims? Reach out to us, and our expert lawyers will help you out.

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