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Workers’ Comp Injury Insurance Traps

Workers’ comp insurance companies stand to protect the company from fraud. Although that’s not what they should be doing, their motives have changed over the years. Now they want to keep as much money in their pocket and the company’s pocket as possible. Workers’ comp is hardly about protecting the injured worker, and that’s an issue.  This is why in most workers’ comp injury cases, you will need help from a specialized workers’ comp attorney in Cincinnati, OH.

Not Assigning Your Own Doctor

When first coming onto a new job, or when your employer switches workers’ comp insurance providers you’ll be asked if you want to assign your own doctor. The issue is that they make this process incredibly difficult. They have ridiculous requirements, such as having had the doctor as your primary for a set amount of time or having seen them in the last six months.

It’s unreasonable, but they put these requirements in place to make it difficult to see anyone but their doctors. Their workers’ comp doctors work with the insurance company daily. They know what to look out for and can even make some unethical decisions when it comes to documenting injuries and suggesting medical treatment. Always assign your own doctor.

Not Asking for a Second Opinion About Your Workers’ Comp Injury

Workers’ comp insurance providers must give you access to a second opinion. But that second opinion could be just another of their doctors. When working with an attorney, you can explore the options of expanding out of their network if you believe they’re purposefully downplaying your injuries.

However, it’s vital to understand that if you don’t ask for a second opinion early-on, it may derail your entire claim. A claims specialist will consider it pretty fishy if you only ask for a second opinion after you receive a check in the mail for compensation and decide that it’s too low.

Being Rushed Through the Process

There’s a lot going on after you get hurt at work. Not only do you have issues with your medical treatment, or lack of it, but you really do need to go back to work. You’re missing out on your paycheck, and have bills piling up.

Workers’ comp insurance companies take advantage of the need to go back to work and will attempt to get you to sign waivers on pursuing further compensation. Essentially, your doctor will say you’re okay to return to work. Then the workers’ comp company will provide you with a compensation check, and then you’ll be asked to sign away your right to seek compensation after that check. Don’t do it.

Being Pushed for a Statement

Do you have to give a statement? Yes. But many companies will push you to give a complete statement before you even leave the building to get treatment for your injuries. It’s impossible to sit on the floor with a broken ankle and think clearly about how you’re going to protect yourself in a workers’ comp case.

The fact is that workers’ comp insurance companies are there to protect the company, not you. That’s why the appeals go through the Ohio workers’ compensation system rather than the company. At some point, the state has to say that enough is enough. Unfortunately, that’s long after you’ve given a statement that could hurt your chances for compensation.

After an accident, your boss will want you to give a statement. They may even write or type it for you as you talk through what happened. Then their workers’ comp insurance company rep will also want a statement. That’s the formal statement that can get you into trouble.

The same way that apologizing after a car crash or saying that you “feel fine” to your auto insurance can lead to issues later. Avoid making any statements about how you feel at the time of the accident. Speak with an attorney first and inform the workers’ comp company that you plan on speaking with an attorney before you provide a statement.

Not Getting an Attorney For Your Workers’ Comp Injury

Workers’ compensation insurance companies will work hard to make it seem like an attorney is out of your budget. But they’re doing that in the hopes of you not seeking the full compensation that you deserve. In fact, if they can get away with denying your workers’ comp injury claim altogether, they will.

Fortunately, a workers’ compensation injury attorney in Ohio can help you negotiate and fight for your claim. Calling the Young, Reverman & Mazzei law offices is the first step towards getting everything that you should after a workplace injury.  Our Cincinnati workers’ compensation attorneys can help you get the right compensation and settle your case in a satisfactory manner. Compensation for part of the hours you missed, all of your medical bills, and the lack of responsible conduct form the company should all play a part in your final payout.

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