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Why Should You Sue After a Crash?

After any wreck, you’ll have the option of opening a claim with your insurance providers or simply informing them of the crash. Ideally, you’ll work with a local Cincinnati car crash attorney to help resolve the issue favorably. However, many people realize that they don’t want a full lawsuit and going to court situations for resolving their wreck.

Don’t worry, suing as part of a crash does not mean that you must go to court. Instead, it means that you’ll have someone facilitating the compensation process. Most cases resolve through settlements paid out through the at-fault driver’s car insurance provider. Here are situations and reasons covering why anyone who was a victim of a wreck should pursue legal action.

Wrecks Which Lead to Lifelong Injuries and Damages

Surprisingly, the most common types of crashes involved in fatalities are angled crashes, which also result in the highest rate of injuries. Lifelong injuries such as a loss of limb, or access to walking can end a person’s career, hobbies, and enjoyment in life. The victims in those crashes will have to learn how to do everyday things and remap their life plans.

Other injuries, including disfigurement from fire, or loss of tissue and similar can make it difficult for people to regain self-confidence and more. Overall, these issues are challenging to handle in a simple claim. What you’re working with after sustaining a lifelong injury is the need to get an attorney and start assigning value to things like never being able to walk again.

Property Damage and Financial Recovery

In crashes with extensive property damage such as the total loss of a vehicle, then you will probably need an attorney. Insurance companies are notorious for undervaluing a crash and the property involved. For people how loved their cars or bikes, then you might need to go through the process of contesting their appraisal of the damage.

There’s also the likelihood that you’re in a bad financial spot because of the necessary recovery period. You may not have had a car for a few days, needed a rental, have outstanding medical bills or more. The entire prospect of a crash can leave people worrying about their financial situation for weeks or months after the wreck.

Should You Sue for Injuries Alone?

Although the average co-pay for an ER visit is usually between $50 and $100, it’s more likely that you’ll see a bill for thousands of dollars. The bills build up so fast because of things like ambulance rides, diagnostic testing, and even bed fees. It’s ridiculous, and many people don’t have that money set aside. But that’s exactly what car insurance is for.

Car insurance should cover elements of personal injury for the victim, and the at-fault driver if they have the right type of coverage. What you should do is pursue a claim with the help of an attorney who can arrange for medical liens and break down the total that you need to recover financially.

Can You Sue for a Fender Bender?

If your crash involved property or physical damage, then you can sue. Fender benders can come with extensive soft-tissue injuries, property damage, and even worse injuries in unlikely situations. The issue that people have is that fender benders have been downplayed for so long that it’s nearly impossible to outline your injuries and damages without someone saying that it’s not a big deal.

When you initiate your claim for a fender bender, the insurance company will surely try to downplay the impact. That’s one reason to have a car accident attorney from Cincinnati on your claim. You don’t have to go to court for a fender bender, but you should have someone crafting your demand statement and negotiating for your settlements.

How to Start Your Claim or Case with a Cincinnati Car Crash Attorney

Whether your crash happened on the overpass or deep in over the Rhine, you can get the help you need to sue for damages. Young, Reverman & Mazzei provide assistance to all Cincinnati car crash victims by helping them pursue what they need financially to begin making a recovery.

Car insurance providers don’t look too deep into any claim unless they suspect fraud. But you deserve for someone to look at all of your losses collectively and put together a thorough demand. Our team will negotiate settlements, argue for full compensation on your behalf, and aim to help you get back on your feet. Contact our Cincinnati car crash law office now.

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