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What You Should Know About Drunk Driving Truck Accidents

Truckers are people too, and just like the rest of us, they make mistakes. Unfortunately, many of their mistakes are far more deadly. If a trucker were to drink and drive and cause a crash, it would be a monumental disaster. But that very situation happens all too often. In fact, it has become so common that those situations get minimal news coverage.

Drunk driving truck accidents are literally the combination of the worst of two bad situations. And, you may never see it coming. As professional drivers, truckers are able to mask their intoxication on the road for long stretches of time and may genuinely believe that they’re great drivers when under the influence. That puts every other driver on the road at risk for serious injury or even death.

Drinking on the Job – A Hazard Made Worse on the Road

About 72% of the fatalities involved in truck accidents are occupants of other vehicles. Additionally, when most DUIs happen, if anyone survives, it’s usually the intoxicated driver. It’s far more likely that if someone were to get hurt, or die, in a DUI trucking accident, it wouldn’t be the driver.

What it comes down to is the likelihood of others getting hurt. Drunk drivers are notorious for surviving crashes they cause. Truckers are well-known for surviving crashes, while others don’t make it through or experience life-changing injuries. So when you’re looking at drinking on the job in this situation, it’s clearly something that spells disaster for everyone else on the road.

While many industries pose daily risks, this is one of the few jobs where the perceived risk is very low, and the real risk is very high. When you add alcohol to the mix, it’s clear that there are going to be extensive problems for all involved.

2019 a 30-Year High for Trucker Fatalities

Of course, when you’re driving a massive vehicle, there are risks with the job. But, 2019 was a 30-year high for trucker fatalities. The National Highway Traffic Safety Association and the American Trucking Association issued statements that most of the studies done, including the study acknowledging the 30-year high for trucker fatalities in 2019, were inconclusive. Basically, the authorities over this field refused to acknowledge that there is some very clear and present danger for truckers and everyone else on the road.

Why are trucker accidents so serious? A huge demand for the industry with a dwindling workforce has pushed the truckers of the U.S. to work an unreasonable number of hours. Some drivers rely on partners. Others turn to alcohol or other drugs to make the hours more bearable.

Who Pays for the Damages?

Depending on the situation with the employer, it could be the truckers’ private insurance provider or the employer of the trucker. However, it can be difficult working with either as both will likely argue that they won’t cover damages when the driver was drinking. You may have to really put up a good fight to establish that you shouldn’t be punished for their bad decisions.

In the event that you go through their insurance policy, you’ll have to prove that they were intoxicated and that they caused the crash. Insurance companies know that drinking and driving are bad, but it doesn’t automatically result in fault for a crash.

But, with an employer, you’ll have a different path. If the employer is representing the trucker through their liability insurance, then the proof of the intoxication isn’t the only stumbling block. These companies do everything possible to get away with lowball settlement, and they’ll quickly try to intimidate people processing claims. It’s not fair, and it’s best to have an attorney.

Finding Relief After Extensive Hardship – Contact A Cincy Truck Crash Attorney

You’re going to have to go through some rough seas before you can find peace after your truck accident. Trucking accidents often come with fatalities, life-changing injuries, and trauma disorders that may never go away. These crashes are often preventable, and with drunk drivers behind the wheel of Big Rigs being at an all-time high, we should all expect to have to become much wearier of 18-wheelers.

So what options are available to you and your family? Truckers are complicated. It may not be clear who you need to file your insurance claim with, and if they’ll pay at all. You may go through months of a struggle in the hope of getting some answers only to reach another dead-end. But, with the right truck accident lawyer in Cincinnati, you can navigate these questionable situations with ease. Seek help through Young, Reverman, and Mazzei.

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