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Steps to Take After 18-Wheeler Truck Accidents

Truck accidents keep happening due to the negligence of trucking companies and employees alike. Due to the sheer size and weight of the trucks, the 18-wheeler truck accidents are riskier than other crashes.

If you are in the aftermath of such an accident, there are a few steps you need to adopt to protect your rights immediately. If you are also planning to go for an injury claim against the trucking company or the driver, create a solid legal claim. These truck accidents are deadly, and you have to document every step after the accident, so you have the best chance of settling with the companies.

Call 911

If you are in an 18-wheeler truck accident, it is pretty important that you immediately call 911. If you are not in a position to make a phone call, ask other people around you to make the call on your behalf. Truck accidents can be scary occurrences and emergency calls need to be made to ensure your safety.

As soon as you make the call, medical personnel will be on an emergency route to you, and you can be assured that they will get to you as soon as possible to treat any injury. Police will be also be dispatched to your location to secure the scene, so there is no destruction of evidence for an internal investigation.

If you have minor injuries like cuts or abrasions and whiplash – you should still seek medical help anyway to get thoroughly diagnosed for any deeper injuries. Prompt and proper medical intervention will help you minimize the extent of your injuries.

Besides, the insurance company will review the medical care provider records to understand the extent of your injuries right after the accident.

If you delay contacting the medical care provider, they will assume that you did not need immediate medical attention. That means your injuries were not extensive, which lowers your case’s importance and can even reduce the settlement amount. If possible, seek medical attention immediately or at least within three days.

Collect Truck Driver Insurance Details

The most basic step once you have secured help is to gather insurance details from the truck operator. You should also possibly get the trucker’s employment details if that is possible. The claim can be laid against the employer of the driver, the trucking company, or the business.

Collecting Evidence

If you have the physical capability of collecting information after the accident, you should document as much as you can about the scene. Take photos and videos with your cell phone about the complete area, note down all the traffic signals and signs. Take extensive photos of the number of lanes in the street and any visible obstructions that could have exhibited the extent of the accident. Truck accidents tend to have a lot of debris lying around after the incident.

Look for people who have witnessed the accident and collect their contact information so they can be used as a witness in your case. If you are near a settlement or business, see if you can procure a connecting security camera footage. It might have crucial details showing the moments leading up to the accident itself.

Don’t Speak To The Insurance Company

The most important thing to remember is not engaging with the insurance company in your discussions about the cash. You are not liable for making any other statements to them than submitting the claim.

The insurers are not your friend, and they are building up a case against you so you can receive as little as possible, or even nothing, even if you are a victim in the crash. By speaking to them, you are putting your rights in jeopardy. Let your lawyer do all the talking to make the communication better.

Hire An Experienced Accident Lawyer

Truck accident claims require a specific skill set. The laws are complicated, and there are steps such as starting an investigation, collecting a meticulous record of medical damages, preparing supporting evidence, and even discussing with your insurance company.

Insurers are experts at mitigating these challenges to avoid paying the plaintiff their due amount. They might even try to blame you for contesting the extent of damages that have happened to your person or property.

Let your lawyer negotiate the settlement. If you are unhappy with the settlement, you can take your case to court.

Take Action with a Cincinnati Car Accident Attorney

Truck accidents could be devastating. If you are ruined, both emotionally and physically, and unsure how to tackle the case, let the professionals assist you.

We are the best car accident attorneys in Cincinnati and can help you get the maximum claims after an 18-wheeler truck accident. To learn more about our services and how we can help you, contact us today.

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