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Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Motorcycle Crashes

There are motorcycle crashes that don’t require extensive treatment. In fact, you may just need an evaluation or a quick check to make sure that everything is in place and working properly. Thanks to protective gear, a low-speed crash may result in no injuries. But people are quick to make it a big deal. Always listen to your medical team and do as they advise since there might surprising things you don’t know about motorcycle crashes.

It’s also possible that you may not know you need medical treatment right away. Soft tissue injuries and even brain injuries may not show up for a while. That means that it’s possible that your doctor releases you as okay, and then weeks or months later, you find out that you do need medical treatment.

It’s Hard to Collect Evidence

If you were hurt in the bike wreck, then it won’t be easy collecting evidence for your claim. You may have been rushed to the hospital, and that means you weren’t able to collect anything, no pictures, or even the other driver’s number.

Well, that is terrible for you because it means you only have what is in the police report. Usually, in these cases, you’ll want to involve a Cincinnati motorcycle accident attorney that will send out an investigator. That investigator will talk to witnesses, decide who should give a statement for your claim, and gather what evidence was available through police and other sources.

There are Ways to Reduce Motorcycle Crashes

Okay, motorcyclists have many crashes attributed to them that aren’t actually their fault. The whole issue with the fault in these instances is that insurance companies and people forget that driving a motorcycle is not in itself reckless.

Many people like to believe that motorcyclists are out zooming through lanes and disrupting standard vehicle drivers. When in fact, motorcyclists are often very safe drivers because they know the risk they face if they are in a crash.

One of those ways is to be aware of inattentional blindness, otherwise known as change blindness. This means that you’re so focused on the road ahead of you that you look past things like cars merging into your lane. One way to work against inattentional blindness is to allow yourself a second to check neighboring lanes. Another suggestion is to use stoplights and stop signs to canvas the area and root yourself back into focusing on the entirety of your environment rather than only what is ahead of you.

Motorcycle Crash Causes Aren’t What You Would Expect.

Coming back to how many people blame motorcyclists for accidents, its surprising to see that about 66% of accidents involving a motorcycle were caused by another vehicle. In most of these cases, the motorcycle had the right of way. This stat does open up some discussion, though.

Most passenger vehicle drivers believe that they have the right of way over a motorcycle. Many typical drivers feel threatened or become irritated when they see motorcyclists weaving through traffic or coming up along a curb. Usually, these accidents are just accidents, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t also avoidable.

Motorcycle Riding Training is Available

There are beginning, intermediate, and advanced courses for bike riders of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re on a Kawasaki or a Harley Davidson, you can, and should, attend a class. Typically riders with training are in fewer accidents, which is more common sense than anything else. It’s also something that people should view as mandatory even if their state doesn’t require it.

Consider that every 16-year-old has to undergo some training before obtaining their license; you need to have some proper training as well. During rider training, you can even learn how to fall in a way that reduces injuries in the event of a crash.

Work with an Experienced Attorney

After a motorcycle wreck, you need to put your energy into recovering physically. That means you shouldn’t waste time and effort in dealing with an insurance company. Instead, allow a motorcycle crash attorney that’s local to your area to handle your claim. It’s possible that even with your insurance claim, you may need to push your case further with a claim against the driver or responsible party.

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