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SSD Benefits in Cincinnati: Can You Work While Getting Them?

Every individual has the right to live life according to their choices. The same goes for disabled people on SSD benefits in Cincinnati. To make things easier for these special people, the government provides them with disability benefits. With the help of these benefits, differently-abled people can live comfortably. From medical bills to daily living expenses, disability benefits include several things.

However, certain factors might affect your benefits. If someone works and has a generous salary, they might not receive SSD benefits in Cincinnati. Working people need to make sure that their job doesn’t get in the way of their benefits.

In the United States, almost 14% of all people have a particular disability. It can be related to their speech or their body functionality. Individuals fulfilling the criteria should get their rightful benefits. Sadly, disabled individuals working in various fields often face difficulty getting their rights.

Can a Disabled Person Work While Receiving SSD Benefits in Cincinnati?

Receiving SSD benefits in Cincinnati, along with a job, is not illegal. The state allows differently-abled people to work, but the pay scale shouldn’t cross $1,350 per month. If you earn less, the state gives you all the benefits. There won’t be any reductions or cuts in the amount.

However, making more than the stated amount will automatically disqualify you from the disability benefits program. These rules make sure that needy disabled individuals get help at all times. Still, social security has created certain exceptions to these rules, such as the trial work period. It allows individuals to make as much as they want to without the fear of losing their benefits.

What Is a Trial Work Period?

One of the exceptions to SSD rules is the trial working period. According to this, SSD benefits recipients can work full-time for nine months. They can work at any position and earn without any limitations. Whether you earn in hundreds or thousands, nothing will harm your benefits.

The program accepts self-employment as a trial work period as well. The best part, working months do not need to be consecutive. An individual can take a gap and still get their disability benefits. Along with this, differently-abled people get an extended period of eligibility.

People who became ineligible for the program due to their high-paying jobs can get benefits when they stop working. Officials allow you five years during which your SSD benefits can be reinstated without a new application.

What Factors Affect the Amount You Receive?

The state cuts on your benefits as well. Social security checks your countable income and then reduces the benefits accordingly. Usually, $481 is the limit for countable income. If your source of living is just a job, the initial 85 dollars are the countable income. The leftover is used for calculating deductions. Someone earning a thousand dollars will see a cut of nearly 400 dollars in his benefits. The more salary you get; the lesser benefits you receive.

Once you lose the job, you can get these benefits again without any cuts. Once the program accepts your application, you become eligible for all kinds of benefits. You can get a monthly allowance for your daily expenditures, medical expenses, and transport costs.

Requirements to Report:

For every recipient of SSD benefits, it is mandatory to report the following things:

  1. The start and end date of any work
  2. Salary and other benefits received at work
  3. Additional work-related expenses due to the disability

Report any changes in your monthly wages to the government.

How Can a Lawyer Help You Get Maximum Benefits?

With a lawyer’s help, disabled people can get every penny they deserve. Usually, minor matters complicate the payment process. Some people even have to face rejection despite their condition. That is why having an attorney by your side is worthwhile. A legal representative can explain the program in detail. No matter how confused you might be, they will make sure you understand everything.

Hire the Best Lawyers in Town for Your Disability Benefits Case:

Receiving SSD benefits in Cincinnati isn’t easy, especially with a job. Going above the pay limit will automatically disqualify you from the program. Therefore, it is better to seek help from a disability lawyer. Our team of experts will advise you on ways to get your benefits without any reductions or cuts.

Set an appointment with our team today and discuss your case in detail. We protect you and your rights by guiding you towards the right path. Moreover, we make sure that you get all the help possible; call us today.

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