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SSD Benefits in Cincinnati And Spinal Cord Injuries

SSD benefits in Cincinnati cover a wide range of issues. When a person suffers a spinal cord injury, they are likely to find that their entire world has been changed. Whether the injury was caused by a car accident, a fall, or a sports accident, people with spinal cord injuries can find their lives turned upside down. You might not even be able to work and living with a spine injury can be overwhelming.

In many cases, spinal cord injured individuals are eligible to receive SSD benefits in Cincinnati, OH, which could provide them with the financial assistance they need to cover their medical expenses.

According to the Ohio Department of Public Safety, there were 292,163 auto accidents in 2011. 941 of those accidents resulted in deaths. 290.7 people are injured every day as an accident occurs every five minutes.

What Is the Cost of Living With a Spinal Cord Injury?

Those suffering from spinal cord injuries can incur enormous expenses. For example, someone suffering from elevated quadriplegia may pay $1 million in medical costs in the first year of their injuries. Those suffering from paraplegia can expect to incur approximately $ 518,000 in medical expenses in their first year after the injury.

According to the American Spinal Injury Association, a person with mild quadriplegia can expect to incur approximately $769,000 in medical expenses in the first year after the injury. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, people with injuries that leave them with a limited amount of motor function in the first year following their injury will face approximately $347,000 in medical bills.

There are other expenses involved with spinal cord injury besides medical bills. Many spinal cord injury victims are unable to work, thus losing their earning potential and wages. Only 11.7% of spinal cord injury victims can work one year after their injury. Another factor to consider is that only 35.2% of spinal cord injury victims can return to work 20 years after the injury. An individual who sustains a spinal cord injury at 25 and planned to work to 65 could potentially lose around $1 million in earnings.

People With Spinal Cord Injuries Can Seek Out SSD Benefits in Cincinnati, OH:

The SSD benefits in Cincinnati, OH are necessary in the case of many people with spinal cord injuries who cannot find work due to their conditions. While certain conditions must be met to be eligible for SSD benefits, it is evident that many people will need them if they wish to survive.

If the person sustains a complete loss of function following an injury that lasts more than three months, then they may qualify for benefits.

Additionally, someone may qualify for funding if there is severe impairment of motor function on both limbs for three consecutive months due to an injury that severely limits a person’s ability to stand from a seated position, maintain balance, or use their hands.

In addition, individuals may be eligible for partial disability benefits if they suffer a marked impairment of physical or mental function affecting their ability to understand, remember, or apply information; or interact with others for three months in a row. Inability to maintain a pace or keep concentration; either through adaptation or management.

Disability Benefits Based on Social Security and Permanent Total Disability:

You will see a reduction of a third in your permanent total disability payment amount if you receive Social Security and Workers’ Compensation benefits through Ohio’s Workers’ Compensation.

The permanent workers’ compensation benefits should return to their full amount once you reach retirement age. Social Security will automatically upgrade your pension from workers’ compensation to retirement benefits when you reach retirement age.

Social Security Disability Benefits and Other Social Benefits:

The Social Security Administration must be notified of any other form of compensation you receive from employees. The amount of Social Security disability benefits you will receive depends on the number of workers’ compensation benefits you have been granted. Salary allowances reduce the number of disability benefits you will earn from Social Security.

The Social Security Administration will increase your payments under the Social Security disability program if you fail to declare the interruption of your full temporary benefit. You are advised to consult an experienced attorney if you have questions about your particular situation.

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