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Social Security Disability Benefits And Workers’ Comp Benefits in Cincinnati

The legal procedure for Social Security disability benefits applications is lengthy and prone to setbacks. Many people who are struggling to do things on their own are discouraged by this. However, you should have faith that the matter can be tackled by competent hands, preventing expensive errors, by finding trusted, professional representation.

And yes, if you are receiving worker’s compensation, you can still apply for Social Security Disability insurance. To qualify for benefits, you do not have to be bound to a wheelchair or need 24-hour assistance. Having an expert Ohio workers’ compensation attorney by your side will mean all the difference in the outcome of your case.

Worker’s compensation benefits employees who have been injured on the job and are required to return to their job in a reasonable short amount of time. The Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) scheme, which is funded by payroll taxes and gives benefits to disabled individuals who cannot work properly for a limited or long period, is only provided after a lengthy assessment process to evaluate the disability.

The Amount of Social Security Disability Benefits You Receive Can Be Reduced as a Result of Workers’ Compensation

If you claim workers’ compensation or other forms of public disability insurance, your Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits can be reduced. The general concept is that the gross number of worker’s compensation and SSD insurance you claim cannot surpass 80% of your annual salary until you are injured.

Any Social Security Disability payments accrued to your family members are included with the overall benefits you earn. Veterans Benefits Administration grants, state, and city government benefits (as long as Social Security contributions were withheld from the accruals), and Supplemental Security Income are not counted in the measure (SSI).

The general concept is that the gross number of worker’s compensation and SSD insurance you collect cannot exceed 80% of your annual salary until you are injured.

When The Workers’ Compensation Situation Changes, Contact Social Security

It is important to contact Social Security when your workers’ compensation payments shift or stop if the 80 percent law restricts your Social Security Disability. Your Social Security Disability payments can be increased only if your workers’ compensation benefits are limited or terminated.

You can apply for Social Security Disability Benefits while receiving Workers’ Compensation Benefits by following the given procedure:

Determine Your Social Security Disability Eligibility 

The United States Social Security Administration’s qualifying requirements and classification of disability are used to determine your eligibility for Social Security Disability benefits (SSA).

Collect The Documents You Will Need To Submit A Social Security Disability Claim 

To aid in the SSDI application procedure, collect all of the appropriate paperwork and documents required to complete the application for compensation and the Adult Disability Report form.

The following documents are listed as necessary by the Social Security Administration in the United States:

  • Your Social Security card, as well as proof of age, are needed
  • Names, addresses, and contact details of the physicians, counselors, clinics, and hospitals, as well as the dates of your appointments
  • The drugs you are taking, including the dosages
  • You also need to have medical records from your physicians, psychologist, hospitals, laboratories, and caseworkers in your hands.
  • Test and laboratory results
  • A rundown of your previous jobs and the nature of the work you have done
  • Your current W-2 form or a copy of your federal tax return if you had been self-employed.

File Your Social Security Disability Application

You can submit your request online, by mail, or in person at any Social Security regional office in Cincinnati, Toledo, or Akron.

Obtain An Initial Social Security Disability Decision 

Applicants in Ohio can submit their Social Security Disability requests to the Ohio Division of Disability Determination in Columbus. You will have to wait several months for details about the disability insurance and one to two years for benefits to be accepted. If you are licensed, you will be informed of the benefits that you may receive.

The Litigation Process For Social Security Disability Benefits 

If your filing for disability insurance is rejected, you can appeal the ruling, which gives you multiple chances to get the decision overturned and receive the benefits.

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