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Slip and Fall Claims on Private Property

The often talked about, and frequently avoided cases of slip and falls. Through the 1990s and early 2000s, the term “slip and fall accident” nearly became synonymous with fraud. Now, with the overwhelming presence of video recording, it’s clear that many of these cases are genuine accidents that are avoidable. Slip and falls are the number one injury cause for all age groups.

Property owners in nearly any capacity will hold some liability or responsibility for keeping their property safe for anyone who enters. That means that if you’re inviting a friend over for dinner, you might want to make sure the floor is clean and dry. But the same goes for restaurant owners, retail shop managers, and even event centers.

Neighbors Property

You go over to a neighbor’s home, and then suddenly, you’re on your back. Your hip is in agony, and you can tell that something isn’t right. Many people experience this, and it’s unfortunate because most of the time, you don’t want to make a claim or case against a friend or close acquaintance.

However, homeowners must keep their space safe for anyone that they invite onto the property. Under personal injury statutes, you will have up to two years to decide to take legal action against the homeowner.

Private Parks, Stadiums and Event Centers

Event centers, stadiums, and private parks are often private property, and that means that the owners, managers, and staff all have a duty to ensure that the area is safe for everyone. Imagine that you’re out to see a Bengal’s game in the Paul Brown Stadium. During the game, there are cups on the ground, half-eaten concessions littering the ground, and you slip, then tumble and fall.

The injuries here could be substantial given the concrete flooring, the chairs in the way, the possibility of the fall involving stairs. It’s these instances when you have to ask, why was the floor so messy that you slipped on something? These centers are private, and that means there are often a lot of options when it comes to lawsuits. The manager of the stadium, the owner, or even the company responsible for the cleaning of the event may be liable.

For large private property falls, you need help from a personal injury attorney in Dayton, Ohio to decide who is responsible. It may be more than one party that could hold liability, and they may pass the buck back and forth in an effort to avoid a lawsuit.

Stores and Restaurants

Your local shops are often locally owned, even if it’s a quite franchise owner. But, in any event, when an employee forgets to put out a wet floor sign or does not correct a flipped over rug, it’s possible that the cases of slip and falls can turn into huge lawsuits.

Slip and fall are most common in stores and restaurants because there is often the presence of water, ice, or similar substances that lead to slipping. Employees mop floors constantly, bathrooms are not tidied immediately after a mess, and this leaves the patrons open to falling.

Do You Even Need an Attorney for a Slip and Fall Accident?

For a slip and fall case, many people believe that they can navigate it on their own. However, if you’re dealing with a joint, muscle, or back injury, then you may not have the time. Usually, a slip and fall attorney will step in on handling a wide variety of errands such as filing the paperwork, collecting evidence, and finding experts on your medical injuries.

For those involved in a slip and fall that attempt to handle the case themselves, they may miss out on a substantial part of a settlement. Lawyers will always try to settle for the lowest possible amount, and when fighting alone, people can’t negotiate the way than another lawyer would. Involving a personal injury attorney should provide you with substantial negotiating power.

Reach Out to Young, Reverman & Mazzei About Your Slip and Fall Accident

After a slip and fall accident, you’ll need guidance on how to get back on your feet, literally. The rehabilitation process can leave you unable to work and then showered in medical bills. For many people, recovering from a slip and fall is only possible if you pursue financial compensation.

Work with Young, Reverman & Mazzei to help you set up your case and fight for compensation. Our Dayton, Ohio personal injury law firm has years of experience and can stand up to high-powered attorneys from large companies. We aren’t intimidated, and we won’t back down if we believe that an offer is unfair or too little to cover your medical bills.

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