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Property Destruction in a Personal Injury Claim

Typically, after any type of accident, you’re going to have to look at medical bills and the cost or damages associated with the injuries you sustained. However, many people forget about the property destruction associated with their claim. Personal injury claims often revolve around the tens of thousands of dollars in medical damages. Don’t forget about the property destruction and costs you experienced as well.

Property destruction or property damage is as worthy as being included in your claim as a medical bill. Property damage is often far less in terms of value when it comes to your claim, so there’s no purpose in not including it in a demand letter. Contact our Cincinnati car accident attorneys for help.

Car Accidents

The average property damage in a vehicle collision Is right around $7,500. It can be difficult to recover from your crash if you also have to settle this rather large bill. Don’t let a car accident claim process without giving some attention to property destruction and property damage. The property damage in your claim isn’t necessarily limited to the damage of the vehicle, either. You can often include damage to all the property within the vehicle at the time of the crash, including computers or laptops, phones, and more.

Pedestrian or “Every day” Interactions

One of the common occuring types of property damage involved in day-to-day activities is the loss of a mobile or cellular phone. The average cost of a smart device or phone in the United States is just under $500, although many people choose to make payments on their phones over time. It is possible that someone could pay the insurance premium for a phone replacement, or they may outright need a complete phone replacement.

Cell phones can be damaged beyond repair or continued use from tripping, slipping, falling from writing a scooter or bike, and many other daily activities. Additionally, most people don’t have the funds sitting around to fully replace their phones on a whim.

Private Property Accidents and Damages

When it comes to accidents on private property, you may have more options than you initially believe when it comes to recovering property damage. Property insurance, homeowners insurance, and liability insurance often come into play when filing a claim for an injury that happened on private property.

Accidents can happen in a home, a business, and even in public places like a park. In each of these environments, there should be in over-arcing or umbrella type policy in regard to liability and damages. For example, if you were running at a track in a local park and damage to the track caused you to trip, the city or the private park owner should have liability insurance to cover your damages. Those damages are not limited to medical expenses, but it should replace any property damaged during the accident as well.

Is It Worth Including Property Damage?

Absolutely. Any damage is worth including in a demand letter when you’re starting negotiations with an insurance provider. Even if you are suing a person individually for their role in your injuries and the damages you experienced, you should include everything possible.

The trouble is, victims of property damage and personal injury often feel as though the property damage should take a backseat to all other expenses. The damage incurred from an accident should certainly focus on the damage done to your body and you as a person. However, don’t underestimate the ability of an unexpected replacement cost on property damage during the accident to drastically impact your current financial situation.

We’re living in a moment where many people are having trouble staying afloat financially. That means anything involved in your accident needs to be included in that demand letter.

Your Local Cincinnati Personal Injury Attorney

If you were in a Cincinnati car accident or hurt during an everyday interaction such as slipping and falling or tripping while you were on a run, then you need to file a personal injury claim. It is highly likely that the injuries and the property damage you experienced because of that accident could have been prevented if someone else had shown the proper duty of care. Property owners, other drivers, and many others are responsible for providing a degree of safety to those on the property or those around them.

Our law offices at Young, Reverman, and Mazzei aim to include everything that could possibly be part of your claim. As part of that will look at your medical bills, expenses experienced because of your injuries, property damage, and non-economic losses as well. Don’t hesitate to call our Law Offices now to learn more about your claim and your situation.

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