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Do Police Respond More Quickly to Motorcycle Accidents?

When we need police, we are always anxious for them to arrive, and as the victim of a crash, it seems like seconds quickly turn into minutes, and ten minutes could feel like an hour. Fortunately in motorcycle accidents, first responders are usually on the scene pretty quickly. What happens when you have a motorcycle crash is that you have a high probability of a fatality or someone hurt really badly.

That prompts first responders, including police, to prioritize those calls to get on the scene quickly. It’s also possible that the motorcyclist or the vehicle driver may need assistance in resolving the wreck and taking a police report. These elements make people really consider how they handle wrecks and how motorcyclists are at a much higher risk than other drivers.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a motorcycle wreck, call a motorcycle accident attorney in Cincinnati for help.

How Do Police Decide Which Call is More Important?

Most of the calls are prioritized based on the need for police involvement, medical care, and the chance that there won’t be a proper resolution of the wreck. Motorcycle accidents often call for medical care, and when that happens, the rider often can’t exchange information, make a report, or gather any evidence for their insurance claim. That leaves them in an unfair position and the wreck an open case.

Now, the other element that often gets motorcycle accidents more attention is that drivers often stop, and that means there are most willing witnesses. When people see two cars get into a wreck and safely move off the road, they usually don’t stop to provide a witness statement. Whereas with a motorcyclist, many people stop with the assumption that the rider is seriously hurt.

Motorcycle Accidents Often Involve Severe Injuries

The point that motorcyclists don’t have a lot of protection is one cause for a quick response to these wrecks. Not only do the first responders have to facilitate the information exchange, but they need to manage the roadway, get EMS on the scene, and help the fire teams clear the area. It’s in motorcycle accidents that you see first responders work as one cohesive team and apply their strengths to clean up and resolve the crash quickly.

First Responders Appear Where They Can Make an Impact

One of the biggest issues for people who are in small-time wrecks is that they feel that they’re ignored by police. But if you have a motorcycle accident, you’ll appreciate that they prioritize calls like yours. Not only is it painful, but you may be afraid to move off the road, to stay in the road, to try to pick up your bike, or to try to do anything at all. First responders typically try to appear wherever they can have the biggest impact, and after years of working with motorcyclists, they often know that riders need immediate attention.

Getting a Police On the Scene isn’t Always Necessary

There are times when motorcycle accidents are minimal. A person may have nudged a rider at low speeds causing them to go into a controlled fall with a few scraped but nothing else. Even if police weren’t necessary for your wreck, you should file a crash report and head over to a medical facility to get checked out before you go home. Scrapes and bruising may seem like nothing at all, but they can be masking pain from a more severe injury.

Some cases of road rash can be so bad that the person needs skin graphs, and some injuries without proper cleaning can become infected. Police don’t always respond, but riders should always get medical attention no matter how minor their motorcycle injuries seem at the time.

Should Victims of Motorcycle Accidents Call an Attorney?

Yes, it really doesn’t matter if your crash was huge and put you in the hospital or if it was a minor bump. You should not only contact first responders for help resolving the crash, but you should also contact a local Cincinnati motorcycle injury law firm. These attorneys handle motorcycle wrecks every day and understand that police involvement can be a huge part of your claim.

The attorneys at Young, Reverman, and Mazzei understand that Cincinnati police often take the crash reports, make notes on the scene and speak with witnesses. It’s often their work that allows motorcyclists to have a strong case. Our lawyers will work with the evidence gathered at the time of the wreck and then help you put together a case that shows that you’re the victim and that you deserve fair compensation for all of your damages.

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