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How Social Media Can Hurt a Personal Injury Claim in Cincinnati

A personal injury claim can have a significant impact on a person’s life. Enduring extreme changes in your life due to accidents can cause distress and the inability to effectively manage everyday tasks. The accident may leave you with permanent disabilities and could result in hefty medical bills alongside property damage as well as an inability to return to work. You could also lose a loved one due to another individual’s carelessness.

With the evolution of technology and the general population being tech-savvy, checking in or posting once a day is the norm. It is important to consider that what you share on social media online can have a direct effect on your personal injury claim in Cincinnati. Even if you use privacy settings, the defense can utilize any information or activity against you in the law of court.

Consider the case of Romano V. Steelcase in the year 2010. The case involved an office worker filing a lawsuit against a manufacturing company after her chair collapsed and she suffered injuries. She claimed the injuries restricted her from leaving home and interacting with her friends. During the case, she posted pictures of herself outside of her home on social media. The defense successfully argued that her injuries were not as serious as she claimed.

A successful personal injury claim depends on the victim’s credibility. Social media affects how a jury sees a victim.

Your personal injury claim could be impacted by social media in the following ways:

Revealing Important Information:

Often, people share about their daily routine on social media. Posts and updates may reveal important information that can direly impact the result of your case. The defense may argue that you are admitting fault in a social media post about the accident, or that this post contradicts your story about what happened.

You should avoid talking about your injury on social media.

Harming Your Credibility

If you are posting about different activities you are participating in, then the defense will use that information and try to prove that your injury was not as severe as you claimed it to be. While you find ways to enjoy your life after an injury, posting it on social media will directly affect your personal injury claim in Cincinnati. Any information on social media can be used against you and may result in you not being able to receive compensation from a negligent party.

Social Media Tips to Protect Your Claim:

Avoiding social media is crucial as what you share can contain affect your credibility and cast doubts on the severity of your injury, resulting in lesser or in some circumstances, no compensation. The best way to protect your injury case is to refrain from using social media until your case is resolved.

The Importance of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer:

Accidental injury has become the No.3 cause of death in the United States according to the National Safety Council. After a personal injury accident, you can seek compensation for the damages caused. It is best to hire a lawyer to get the best chances of getting compensated. Having skilled legal representation is especially important when injuries result in serious medical bills and long-term disabilities.

We won’t charge you for our services unless you receive compensation via a settlement or a lawsuit. A personal injury lawyer also understands what the settlement negotiation process is like, and won’t be pressured to accept a lowball offer from the insurance companies.

Keeping an eye on social media content is just one of the major things you must do as a claimant. If you need to connect with an experienced and highly professional lawyer to handle your case while you focus on recovering from your injuries, contact our personal injury lawyers in Cincinnati today!

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