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Ohio Injury Lawyer: 5 Myths About Car Accident Lawsuits

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Our Cincinnati accident attorneys have spent years studying how to be a lawyer. They have also spent a great deal of time shadowing seasoned Ohio injury lawyers. Before we let any of our new associates handle a case on their own, we make sure they understand not only the law but also the way the insurance companies operate.

This is why it can be frustrating to learn that a lot of accident victims take the advice of a strange who posted a three-minute video on social media telling people how to handle their own car accident lawsuit. Unless somebody has a legal degree and hands-on experience, you should be wary of taking any advice from them.

People today are bombarded with inaccurate information online. Armchair lawyers go online and proceed to tell people how to handle their legal problems. This is where so many people come to believe the myths about car accident lawsuits. Since this information and advice can be dangerous, we felt it was important to dispel some of the more common myths here.

If, after reading this article, you still have questions or concerns about your case, reach out to our office. We can answer any questions you may have and give you a better idea of how the legal process works.

You’ll Get to Try Your Case in Front of a Jury of Your Peers

A lot of people assume that, when they sue somebody, they’ll get to try their case in front of a jury. Most of the time, our Cincinnati accident attorneys waive the right to a jury trial. Regardless of how complicated you may think your case is, very rarely is there a need for a jury.

In fact, if you’re the plaintiff in the case, you may be better off with a judge making the final decision. The judge is simply going to look at the facts of the case, apply the law, and decide fault. They will also review the damages you have listed in your initial complaint. If they seem reasonable and are substantiated by the evidence you submitted, they will, more than likely, award you full damages.

If your case goes before the jury, they may be swayed by the defendant’s version of events. They don’t know the law and they don’t understand the background of the case. The judge, on the other hand, has seen enough cases to weave through the various stories offered and make a sound decision. They will also not be swayed by the defense lawyer’s effort to discredit you. They can see right through the smokescreen the other attorney will put on display.

You Will Walk Away With Millions of Dollars

It’s important to remember that your Ohio injury lawyer can only demand damages for injuries you actually suffered. Just because you were involved in a car accident, that doesn’t mean you’re automatically entitled to compensation.

The reason you hire a Cincinnati accident attorney is so that they can make you whole. Their job is not to make their clients rich. Unless there is evidence to back up your damages, your attorney won’t be allowed to demand them in your civil complaint. Very few of the cases we handle result in verdicts of a million dollars.

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You’ll Be Entitled to Damages Even if You Weren’t Injured

As briefly mentioned above, you aren’t automatically entitled to damages because you were involved in a motor vehicle accident. Your Ohio injury lawyer must prove the damages you demand. For example, if you are demanding compensation for lost wages, your Cincinnati accident attorney must submit copies of your payroll records and even tax returns to show how much money you’ve lost.

The Courtroom Will Be Filled With People Eager to Watch Your Trial

If you have ever been inside a civil courtroom, you have probably noticed that very few people are paying attention to what’s going on. Most of them are just patiently (or impatiently) waiting for the clerk to call their name. Very few car accident lawsuits draw much attention, especially from strangers. They are all there to resolve their own cases. They could not care less about what is going on with yours.

Your Cincinnati Accident Attorney Will Hire a Bunch of Expert Witnesses

In a typical car accident lawsuit, there is no need to hire expert witnesses. Of course, if the accident was serious and it’s hard to determine fault, you may need to hire an accident reconstructionist. The same is true when it comes to your injuries. Your Ohio injury lawyer may need to have your doctor sign an affidavit or testify as to the nature and extent of your injuries.

We Know How the Car Accident Lawsuit Process Really Works

When our Cincinnati accident attorneys hear some of the myths discussed here, all they can do is laugh. We understand why so many people believe these misconceptions about car accident lawsuits. It’s because most of what people know about the law, they learn from television and social media.

It scares us how often accident victims turn to strangers for legal advice. Or, instead of talking to an experienced Ohio injury lawyer, they take the advice of friends and family. Even if these people have been involved in a car accident lawsuit in the past, they shouldn’t give you advice about yours.

Every case is different. That’s why our Cincinnati accident attorneys insist on meeting with new clients before they agree to take on a case. If we were to just take a client’s word for it, we would end up representing people who don’t have a legitimate claim for damages.

We suggest that you contact us and set up a date and time to come into the office. We will schedule your free, initial consultation with one of our seasoned Ohio injury lawyers. They will review whatever information you have about your case.

They will also look at the paperwork the insurance company sent you. Depending on what they see, they may or may not be willing to represent you in court. It all depends on whether you have a valid claim, how much that claim is worth, and whether there is evidence to support it.

If you still have questions or concerns about your own car accident lawsuit, give us a call. We will gladly schedule your appointment so you can get the process started right away.

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