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Ohio Injury Lawyer: Kinds of Damages They Can Demand

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Usually, the reason a new client wants to meet with one of our Cincinnati accident lawyers is because they want to know how much their case is worth. Some of them have met with other attorneys who guaranteed to get them hundreds of thousands of dollars. Some of them are expecting us to say the same thing. However, our Ohio injury lawyers have handled enough car accident cases to know that you can never guarantee somebody a certain amount in damages.

That doesn’t mean that we can’t give you an idea of what your claim may be worth. Once we know the facts of your case and the evidence to support it, we can at least tell you what kinds of damages we will demand in your lawsuit. We will never guarantee anybody a certain outcome because it wouldn’t be fair. It wouldn’t be fair to give our clients false hope and it wouldn’t be fair to put that kind of pressure on our associates. Since every case is different, the outcome in each case is different as well.

What we recommend is that you come into the office and at least sit down with one of our Ohio injury lawyers. Let them thoroughly review any information you may have related to your case. Once we’ve had a chance to do this, we’ll have a much better idea of the types of damages we would demand on your behalf.

Are You Guaranteed a Minimum Amount in Damages for Your Car Accident?

One of the first things we remind our clients about is the fact that we can never guarantee that they’ll receive damages at all. And once we’ve had a chance to review the evidence, it may appear that the defendant has almost as strong claim as you do. If that’s the case, your best bet is to try and negotiate a settlement. If you insist on going to trial, there is a chance that you could lose. If that happens, both you and your Ohio injury lawyer walk away with nothing.

Your Cincinnati Accident Lawyer Will Demand Damages for Medical Bills

The first type of compensation your attorney is going to demand is reimbursement for any medical bills related to your accident. This will usually make up the lion’s share of your damages. In the days following your crash, your immediate medical care was probably covered by your private health insurance carrier. They will expect to be fully reimbursed when you settle your case. In addition, you probably had to pay for some of your medical costs out of pocket. Your Cincinnati accident lawyer will demand that you receive compensation for this as well.

You May Be Entitled to Lost Wages and Lost Future Income

If you happen to miss more than a couple of weeks from work, your Ohio injury lawyer will also demand compensation for lost wages. Your attorney will have to submit paperwork and payroll records confirming how much time you missed and what your wages would have been for that time. You can also demand damages for future lost income. If your injuries are severe and you can no longer do the same kind of work that you did before the accident, you may be entitled to lost future income. This is a difference between what you would have earned had you not been injured and what you will now earn as a result of the car crash.

If Your Car Was Damaged or Destroyed, the Defendant Should Compensate You

If your car was damaged or destroyed in the accident, then of course your Cincinnati accident lawyer is going to ask for compensation. You’ll be entitled to the money you need to replace your car or the money it will cost to fix it. If your car was totaled in the crash, you’ll only be entitled to the fair market value of your vehicle. You’re not going to be provided with enough compensation to buy a brand new car.

If You Settle, Will You Still Get Pain and Suffering Damages?

As with most personal injury cases, you’ll probably be entitled to damages for pain and suffering. These damages are intended to compensate you for any physical or mental anguish experienced as a result of the crash. The general rule is that our Ohio injury lawyer would demand three times whatever your medical bills were in pain and suffering damages. This doesn’t mean you’ll receive that amount – it simply means that that’s the amount they’ll demand in your lawsuit.

You’ve Got to Have Faith in Your Ohio Injury Lawyer

What of the ironic things we’ve noticed about some of the new clients that come into our office is that they trust the stuff they read on the internet more than they trust what their Ohio injury lawyer tells them. What they don’t realize is that the people who post online have no credibility. Very few of them are actual lawyers who know how car accident lawsuits work. Many of them happen to be a friend of a friend who sued somebody and got $1,000,000. Or it could be someone who is unhappy with their own personal injury lawyer, so they want to make it seem like other attorneys do so much better than the one they had retained.

What we always tell our clients is that they have to trust us. Not only do we want to do the best job we can for our clients, but just like you, we want to earn as much money as possible for our firm. If we encourage clients to accept low settlements, we will be hurting both our clients and ourselves. But there is a time when common sense dictates you consider accepting a settlement. Our Cincinnati accident lawyers have decades of combined experience handling these types of cases. We’re very familiar with the insurance companies and how they operate. We’re also very familiar with most of the defense attorneys in Ohio. This means that when it comes to negotiating a settlement on your behalf, you’re not going to find anybody better than the associated at our firm.

We suggest that you come in and sit down with one of our Ohio injury attorneys and ask any questions may have. This also gives us a chance to look at your information and see if you have a case at all. Our attorney may feel that your case has merit, but that it’ll take a little extra work to prove your damages. Whatever the outcome, they’ll be honest and upfront with you from the start. And after all, that should be what you really are looking for in an attorney.

Since your initial consultation is free, you have nothing to lose by coming in and seeing what our attorneys have to say.

Jay A. Bolotin is a partner at the injury law firm of Young, Reverman & Bolotin. Serving the people of Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio, Jay dedicates his career to helping clients in the tri-state area obtain financial compensation after suffering serious injuries. He focuses his practice on cases involving car accidents, trucking accidents, dog bites and animal attacks, and other types of personal injury incidents.

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