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Ohio Car Accident: Things Not to Say to the Insurers After

The repercussions of an Ohio car accident can be scary and intimidating. One thing you should know – Insurers are not your friend! In such an emergency it’s important to know how to deal with unwelcoming insurance companies that usually take advantage of your weakness and vulnerability, it is wise to focus on collecting all the evidence, putting yourself together, and treating your injuries if you have any.  According to recent stats, 1,068 people have lost their lives in Ohio due to car accidents in 2022.

To treat your injuries after meeting an Ohio Car Accident, you need to contact your insurance company to claim. Following are some points to make sure your claim is accepted after a car crash.

Do Not Say Anything Like “It Was My Fault”

After having a car crash it is normal that you are shocked, confused, and stressed. These conditions are not ideal if you meet an Ohio Car Accident. Insurers are never on our side no matter how good we think they are; they always try to make settlements for as little as possible. For many people, it may sound familiar, but it’s worth remembering that you should never admit your mistake. Claim investigators record and take notes of everything you say which may result in giving up your rights by admitting your fault unintentionally. You do not need to be apologetic to your insurer or law enforcement.

Do Not State That You Are Not Injured

If you are asked about injuries, it is wise not to show any injury to your insurance company yet never admit you are fine and not have any injury until there is any medical examination. Because some injuries are evident after the accident while others show up later like internal bleeding or blood clotting in the brain. However, get yourself checked by a doctor after an accident and make sure to document your injury. Moreover, avoid signing any medical releases form before consulting your attorney.

Never State Your Opinions to the Insurers

When interacting with insurance companies always stick to the point and avoid giving your opinions. If your insurer asks you a question that you don’t have any factual answer stay silent instead of giving any guess or opinion. Any statement can be used against your claim and hurt your case.

Avoid Mentioning Names

Avoid mentioning the names and contact information of your family, friends, or the doctor to your insurance company. It is most likely that your insurance company will try to contact the individuals to get the information that could make the clouds of confusion and put you in a difficult situation in courtrooms.

Do Not Give an Official Statement

If you have recorded any official statement that will only serve the insurance company’s interest, not yours. Recorded statements are usually used to mislead or manipulate your claim to serve the aims of insurance companies. So keep in mind that you are not legally bound to give any official statement. Only do so if you’re advised by your attorney.

Never Agree to the Initial Settlement Offered by Insurers

You should not agree with the initial settlement that your insurance company will offer you. They try their best to make a settlement with the figure which is as low as advantageous to them. Until your lawyer has gone through your case completely, you may not be aware of the ways you can claim. Do not give any estimated amount of your medical bills, repairing expenses of your vehicle, or any other expense. The insurance company will never give you the amount of money you ask them for.

Never Tell the Insurers You Suffered Whiplash

Claiming a whiplash is a common practice done by people trying to file false claims. In such cases, whiplash refers to be a big red flag for insurance companies that enables them to pay more attention to your claim. Do not claim a whiplash until diagnosed by the doctor.

Do Not be Impatient to Settle

It is natural to be overwhelmed with the situation after having a car crash and you just want things to be over and done. However, you should not be impatient with your insurance company. Let your attorney deal with timeliness and aid you through the process.

Never Tell the Insurers That You Don’t Have a Lawyer

It is an ideal situation for insurance companies if they know you do not have a personal injury lawyer. Even you don’t have an attorney you should not tell your insurer. However, you must have an attorney to carefully look into your case and can protect your claim with their expertise and experience. If you have met with a car accident and do not have an attorney, you can avail of the services of Young, Reverman & Mazzei for your Ohio car accident.  Contact us today!

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