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Most Common Causes of Wrongful Death

A wrongful death is any death in which another person was possibly or likely responsible. These cases happen in civil court, not a criminal court. There are a few key differences, including that the family is not left to prove “beyond a reasonable doubt,” but instead that the person, “more likely than not” caused the death of your loved one so it is important to get a wrongful death lawyer. Unfortunately, these accidents, attacks, and injuries leading to death happen almost every day so it is important to know the common causes of wrongful death.

Car Accidents

The fatality estimate of car accidents in 2018 is at 36,750 deaths. That is remarkable and terrible for all the families that are part of these instances. It’s clear that even safe drivers or pedestrians abiding by traffic laws are not safe from deadly car accidents.

The number here does include those who die as a result of drunk or intoxicated drivers and pedestrian accidents, as well. However, the ongoing issue in many cases here is that vehicular homicide may come with little or even no prison time for the families, that often brings in a fair amount of pain.

Wrongful death cases regarding car accidents are common, and they can help the family financially recover from outstanding medical and funeral bills.

Medical Malpractice

The number of people who go in for surgery and don’t wake up does not comprise the entirety of this section. No, in fact, many people experience medical malpractice in very different circumstances. Birth injuries, such as doctors or midwives failing to safely deliver a baby or dropping the baby shortly after birth, make up a large number of medical malpractice claims for wrongful death.

Others under the medical malpractice umbrella include anesthesia errors and misdiagnosis. However, the largest issue in medical malpractice that contributes to wrongful death is prescription errors. Either a doctor prescribing the wrong medication or the pharmacy filling the prescription incorrectly.

About 1.3 million people in the U.S. experience injuries from medication errors per year. This stat is only continuing to rise, although many pharmacists and doctors have offered speculation as to why it doesn’t undo the deaths that have come from their medical errors.

If you lost someone who was trying to get better or manage a lifelong illness because of prescription issues, then you need a wrongful death attorney. The right attorney should fight for you and stand up to large companies or high-powered attorneys that protect medical practitioners.

Workplace Mishaps

In 2015 a documentary titled A Day’s Work hit the public, and since then, people have been more outspoken about workplace deaths. Not only are full-time employees at risk because they work under stringent or demanding working conditions. Part-time and temp employees are just as much at risk, and those who face these challenges alone should know that there is support available.

Worker’s compensation is not the route in this case. Your best chance for being heard and having your case evaluated fairly is to hire an attorney to fight this company. The company will likely have a legal team behind them, and you should too.

Commercial Trucking Accidents

While commercial trucks are necessary for distributing vital goods such as produce throughout our country, it’s also a danger. Drivers will often work long past their recommended hours or shifts. They also work much longer than most people do at a day job. Commercial trucks, however, often cause multi-car or multi-fatality accidents. Losing someone to these types of accidents is hard for the entire family.

Violent Criminal Acts

Robbery, assault, and homicide, to any degree, can lend families the chance to take action against the aggressor in this situation. People often hear on the news of robberies gone wrong, and these instances represent that exact situation.

Covering funeral costs or medical costs, as well as the trauma of dealing with a violent death in the family,  are all aspects to consider when calculating a reasonable compensation payment. Wrongful death can include coverage for things such as lost companionship, or lost life moments. For example, if a parent was taken from a child, they may add to their wrongful death claim that they cannot share their graduation, wedding, or the birth of their children with their parents now.

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