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When To Lawyer Up After A Car Accident in Cincinnati?

Were you involved in a car accident in Cincinnati that wasn’t your fault? Do you plan to seek compensation for the injuries caused or for the damage caused to your vehicle?

What if you are an at-fault driver involved in a car accident in Cincinnati? In either case, it is best to seek the professional help of a personal injury attorney.

How Are Personal Injury Attorneys Paid?

Personal injury attorneys work on a contingent fee basis i.e., they are only paid when they are successful in turning the case in your favor. They charge a predetermined percentage of commission from the expected amount of compensation recovered.

What Does a Personal Injury Attorney Do for You?

A personal injury attorney is the type of attorney that deals with a car accident lawsuit. They help in seeking the best possible compensation on your behalf from the other party.

They can do so because they are well versed with the statutory and procedural laws involved in such cases. Here are some of their procedural rules they will help you with:

Statute of Limitations

They will first make you know about the time period within which the case can be filed in court. Some states allow two to five years to file a personal injury case, with some exceptions. This date is decided from the date of the accident or the date from which the injuries became prominent.

An experienced attorney informs you everything regarding the statute of limitations for your car accident in Cincinnati as per your state rules.

File a Lawsuit

Once you decide to file a lawsuit, the attorney will acquaint you with all the necessary procedures and file the case on your behalf. He will do the required paperwork needed to file a court case, present your case before the court and even do all necessary things to deal with the defense attorney (i.e. the attorney of the other party).

If the case’s result doesn’t impress him or he feels you are not getting enough compensation, he will prepare your case for trial (after mutual consent).


If you or your attorney thinks the case can be solved outside the court through settlement, the attorney will help you in providing the best possible negotiation without the use of filing a lawsuit.

However, a legal action increases the chances of getting maximum compensation if it is an open and shut case.

Negotiate With the Insurance Adjuster

Seeking compensation directly from the at-fault driver in a car accident in Cincinnati is easy. However, if his car is insured and you have to deal with the at-fault driver’s insurance company, getting compensated involves legwork.

The insurance adjusters know the ins and outs of car accident cases and mainly deal with them on a daily basis. In the same way, personal injury lawyers handle a lot of varied cases and have the capacity and knowledge to challenge the settlement deal of insurance adjusters.

Collect the Necessary Evidence

If you hire a personal injury attorney, you are not required even to collect evidence. The attorney will work alongside you in gathering necessary evidence, documents and investigate the case further.

He will collect the police reports, medical bills, witness statements, video evidence, lost wage information, and everything else necessary.

Prepare the Settlement Demand Letter

The attorney will then organize the collected evidence and use them to prepare the settlement demand letter. This letter is sent to the insurance company.

If the negotiations between an insurance company and the attorney don’t go well, the attorney will then take forward the case to the court by filing it.

Contact Our Cincinnati Car Accident Lawyers Today

If you are seriously injured, it is impossible to furnish information and fight your case. You may not be able to gather necessary evidence even when healthy. Attorneys have links and resources that can collect evidence faster. You may ultimately be the suffering party and lose more than it would require for hiring an attorney.

However, when hiring an attorney to deal with a car accident in Cincinnati, make sure that the expected compensation amount to be received should cover your medical bills, lost income, commission paid to the attorney, and in best cases, non-monetary damages.

If your car was insured as well, your insurance company would do the job of getting the money recovered from the other person’s insurance company. That’s a whole new type of case altogether. In either case, a car accident attorney can help you figure out things and guide you as you move ahead with your claims.

To learn more about car accidents in Cincinnati and get specific recommendations on your case, contact our expert attorneys today.

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