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Commonplace Holiday-Related Personal Injury Accidents

The holidays are a time for celebration, joy, and glad tidings. But Thanksgiving weekend brings more injuries than almost any other four-day stretch in the year. It beats out the Fourth of July. Holiday related personal injury accidents involve cutting fingers, falling off ladders, slipping on ice, and more. There are very few families that make it through the holidays unscathed.

There are a few ways that you can avoid some of the most prevalent holiday-related accidents and what you can do if you do happen to experience a holiday-related accident. Holiday-related personal injuries usually start on Thanksgiving, but the weeks following bring a wide variety of injuries that happen in houses and in public places. If you can make it through Thanksgiving unscathed, you’re not in the clear. Keep a close watch out for these possible holiday-related injuries even after Thanksgiving.

Slipping and Falling

Snow shoveling, hanging lights, and putting up decorations all lead to slipping and falling. It could produce an accident of slipping and falling from ground level or from a height.

Waterfalls are particularly troubling during the first two weeks of December. To prepare for that, you should aim to decorate from a low or medium height that only involves a step stool or utility ladder. Keep in mind that you should never use the top two rungs of any ladder for outdoor decorating. Ideally, you would follow the OSHA standard and keep three points of connection on the letter at all times. That is typically two feet and one hand. However, when decorating, many people find themselves using both hands to hammer or staple lights and other decorations at the place.

Poor Building Maintenance Injuries

An unintended situation builds up during the holiday season but is not inherently connected to the holiday season, and that is poor building maintenance. Those who are renting an apartment building or even a home May realize that the property owners may not keep up on all the maintenance the structure needs to remain safe.

Things like ice dams, termite infestation, leaks within the house, and more can result in serious injuries, and they will often present themselves during the winter. It’s during the winter when the wood structure of the home or apartment building experiences the most changes because of temperature differences. This can make leaks more apparent, resulting in pipe damage, and result in extensive roof damage.

The damage of the structure is one thing, but the injuries that happened because of poor building maintenance are quite another. A leaky pipe may be a mild inconvenience until someone slips on the pooling water. It comes down to the fact that the water wouldn’t be pulling and wouldn’t be a danger if the building received regular maintenance and repair. If you experienced any type of injury because of poor building maintenance through the winter, then you should consider taking action against your landlord or the property manager.

Damages from Defective Holiday-Related Products

All through the year, the consumer protection safety commission evaluates reports of defective products. Now during the holiday season, there’s a spike in defective products and products which showed effects after being gifted.  One of the more recent recalls, which happened on October 15th of 2020, was a total recall for HomeryGardens extension cord splitters.

This is a clear fire hazard, and they should be returned to the manufacturer for a full refund. Unfortunately, many people aren’t alerted to defective products like this electric cord splitter use the product resulting in a fire. This is only one example of a defective product that receives more use during the holiday season. This is the type of extension cord that you use to plug in multiple outdoor decorations and to run lights.

Find Guidance Through a Cincinnati Personal Injury Attorney

Between the end of November and the beginning of January, there are how many cases were reported of slip and Falls, falling up roofing, defective products, and injuries from poor Building Maintenance. These are all situations that Cincinnati personal injury attorneys can help a victim handle. Through filing a claim, the victim can access a wider variety of options for claim resolution and increase their chances for a peaceful negotiation resulting in a desirable settlement.

If you experienced injuries because of a defective holiday-related product, call out for building maintenance, or even falling off a roof, then it’s time to call in support. File your claim, but do so with professional legal help. At Young, Reverman, and Mazzei, our Cincinnati personal injury attorney team helps those who are victims no matter what time of year.

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