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When Should You Hire a Cincinnati Truck Accident Lawyer?

Finding yourself in a truck accident can be a traumatic experience. The aftermath of the accident can be confusing, especially if you don’t know much about the legal and administrative procedures that need to be handled after an accident.  If you find yourself in a truck accident in Cincinnati, then getting a Cincinnati truck accident lawyer is exactly what you need. If you can’t arrange for a lawyer, you can ask family, friends, or local law enforcement to assign you a lawyer.

In case anyone was injured or any loss was incurred in the accident, a lawyer can help protect your interests. Their primary function is to argue your case in front of a court and help you with all the legal proceedings when dealing with a truck accident.  They can help negotiate with law enforcement agencies, establish the facts of the case, argue your case and negotiate a proper compensation package if you have incurred a loss.

So, When Should I Hire A Lawyer?

You should definitely get a lawyer for yourself if caught in a semi-truck or a full truck accident. The damage caused by these accidents is no joke and requires significant legal assistance.

The accident may have caused you significant bodily injuries and severe damage to your vehicle. You would probably be looking at substantial monetary damage, which you will have to sort out with the insurance companies. If the second party was responsible for the accident, you, as the injured party, need to claim appropriate compensation. All of these tasks require the assistance of a lawyer trained in dealing with accident-related cases.

There are generally four parties who are involved in the accident. You could be one of the following four:

The Truck Driver

In truck-related road accidents, more often than not, the primary person to blame is the truck driver. Many times, it is the fault of the driver that leads to the truck accident. The person behind the wheel could be distracted, intoxicated, unwell, or driving recklessly, thereby causing the accident.

The Trucking Company

The trucking company can be liable for the accident if they hired a driver with a poor record or if they were exploiting the driver by forcing them to drive beyond the mandated hours.

The Truck Manufacturer

The accident could have been caused by a faulty part in the truck. Malfunctioning equipment puts the manufacturer to blame and can lead to liability claims being filed against them.

A Random Pedestrian Or Vehicle Owner

You could be involved in a truck accident if you were anywhere close to the truck, so much so that it could cause you harm.

With a Cincinnati truck accident lawyer, you can dissect all the case facts to see who is exactly at fault. The lawyer will help you decide the course of action to take based on the evidence collected.

Few Instances When You May Need An Cincinnati Truck Accident Lawyer

  • You have faced severe injuries because of an accident, and you are not under insurance protection
  • You are not aware of the full monetary damage caused by the accident and injuries- this includes hospital bills and the cost of repairing or replacing the damaged truck.
  • You are anxious about not getting a fair settlement from the insurance company.
  • You are not comfortable with negotiating with big insurance companies and fear getting swindled by them.
  • You want to have a peaceful settlement between the two parties
  • You feel like the accident could have been avoidable had the roads conditions been better, and you want to help improve the conditions

It is a standard practice among injury and accident lawyers to provide the prospective client with a consultation or preliminary meeting for free. This is where you and the attorney can discuss the case briefly and ascertain if the person is the right fit for you. This consultation also helps discuss the facts of the case and how the lawyer sees the case going.

Once the attorney takes up your case, they are responsible for handling your case with utmost professional integrity and ensuring that they get you the best deal possible. They can help determine who is at fault and build up your case accordingly.  We highly suggest that you get yourself a lawyer if you find yourself in a truck accident in Cincinnati.

And if you are looking for one, we are here to your rescue. Our Cincinnati truck accident lawyers come with years of related experience and possess the required skills to present your case in your favor. Contact us today to learn more.

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