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When Is It Time to File for Disability in Cincinnati?

Filing for SSDI in Ohio isn’t as easy as you’d like to imagine. Initially, Ohio has a high SSDI denial rate, but that’s often because of mishandled or incomplete applications. However, there are people who wait too long or don’t file for disability at all because they don’t believe they qualify. It’s difficult to understand all the qualifying elements and not applying at all will guarantee that you don’t have any benefits at all.

Instead of waiting or avoiding filing, put in your SSDI application right away with the support of an experienced Ohio SSDI attorney. Not only can you manage your application and follow-up on denials, but you can change the game and take charge of the entire process.

Diagnosis and Medical Recovery Time Line

One of the minimum requirements for Social Security Disability is to be unable to work for at least 12 months. That time doesn’t necessarily start when you receive your diagnosis. It probably started long before then. When you receive your diagnosis, or when you start medical treatment is when you should file for SSDI.

Now, having your diagnosis does not mean that you have a recovery timeline. In fact, it may be weeks or months after your diagnosis that your doctor informs you that you may be out of work for a year or more. However, starting your SSDI application early. It can give you the opportunity to put your information into the system and track your application. As your condition unfolds.

There are times when your recovery timeline may vary drastically, and that can impact your SSDI application. If a doctor is hopeful that you can return to work within three or four months, then you would likely receive a denial for SSDI. However, ask that changes, and it’s clear you need more time to recover then you need to update your application

What is Your Full Recovery Estimate?

Although many medical teams aim for a shorter recovery time. On SSDI, you want to deter that mindset. Convey to your medical team that you need a full recovery estimate, not a partial recovery estimate. The difference is critical in that if you are only partially recovered in an attempt to return to work. You could aggravate the injury or condition.

One situation that differs greatly on a partial versus full recovery estimate is MS. When people are first diagnosed with MS, they can face extreme changes in their lifestyle and day-to-day habits, not only because of the condition but because of the new medication. Always talk to your doctor about your ability to return to work.

File for Disability As Soon As Possible

Filing as soon as possible is often the best course of action with Social Security Disability. The long wait times and the high possibility of having to file an appeal for a denied SSD claim will often result in people receiving benefits too late. People rely on SSDI benefits to pay their bills while they are out of work.

But there are other elements to SSDI also. Mapping out your recovery time and understanding what to expect in the upcoming months is a critical part. Of receiving disability benefits.

Is It Possible To Get SSDI After Returning To Work?

A residual disability benefit is an option through disability insurance. That means private disability insurance, not through the SSDI system. For example if you had Aflac, or something similar then you could pursue a payment for the return to work with residual disability.

The point of residual disability is to cover the time of transition. You may not be so disabled that you can’t return to work. But, you might not be able to make it through a whole workday. That is where residual disability would come into effect.

Can a Cincinnati SSDI Attorney Help You File for Disability?

Absolutely, an SSDI attorney in Ohio can layout what you should expect from the process. Many people wait too long to file or don’t feel that they need SSDI. That’s not the case, you’ve spent years paying into disability insurance within the state and should use the benefit when you need it. Although it’s tempting to try to manage your recovery alone, if you need disability benefits, then file right away.

At Young, Reverman & Mazzei, we handle disability claims with confidence. Not only are you looking at providing in your application that you need the support, but that you may need continued support afterward. Contacting Young, Reverman & Mazzei can help you get your application started.

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