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Drunk Rideshare Passengers and Drivers

Some rideshare services have created their foundation on the basis of getting people home safely after a night of drinking. But what happens when you have a potentially drunk driver, or passengers causing mayhem during the rideshare? Although about Uber and Lyft would prefer it if none of their drivers had ever had a DUI, much less a DUI while on the clock, it has happened. Not only has it happened, but it has gained a massive amount of attention from the media.

But drunk drivers aren’t the only concern when it comes to ridesharing. Drunk passengers can be distracting and even deadly. Often Rideshare drivers received encouragement to get people who are too impaired to drive home safely. The result is that right turn drivers often feel as though they can’t pass up a ride because someone is too intoxicated to deal with. The result is disorderly passengers and dangerous driving conditions. If you’re involved in a wreck in an Uber or Lyft, contact our Cincinnati car accident attorneys right away.

Drunk Passengers and the Risks They Pose

Earlier this month in New York Post covered a breaking story involving an intoxicated Lyft Rider. The drunk man who entered a list in Florida became quickly upset over the plastic partition that was placed between the front and back seat. The partition was to protect both the driver and riders from the spread of COVID-19.

The intoxicated rider tore down the plastic partition and placed the driver in a chokehold. However, this was not how the ride started. The rain began as a normal Lyft ride and then took a turn when the intoxicated rider asked about the plastic partition. This is one of many instances where drunk passengers attack and unsuspecting rideshare drivers. There were many reports of this before COVID-19, and this is only one example of an outlandish passenger making the entire ride unsafe.

Modern Day DDs

The unintended purpose of ridesharing is to act as modern-day Designated Drivers. Initially, ridesharing apps started to help tourists and those who don’t drive often get around Metro areas. However, people quickly identify this as a way to get home safely after a bar crawl, a night at the club, or visiting friends and having one too many.

What they don’t expect is the risks or the invitation to drink. Rideshare drivers have shared their concerns over passengers getting into the vehicle with open containers, and even being offered drinks while driving. Especially in cities such as Cincinnati, Las Vegas, New York, and LA, where are there are plentiful drinking scenes.

Does Using Rideshare Services Reduce Drunk Driving Crashes?

The big question is whether these Rideshare Services actually reduce the risk of drunk driving and accidents involving alcohol. These accidents don’t necessarily need car accidents, but can also include cases of assault and fighting.

In February of 2020, slate applauded Lyft and Uber for their impact in reducing drunk driving. They look at personal stories Rideshare drivers who ensured that people got home safely. It’s about reducing drunk driving, the trouble that these companies are facing now is reducing the impact of both drunk passengers, and the rare but possible drunk rideshare driver.

Uber’s Partnership with MADD

Uber has notoriously partnered with some of the most prominent anti-drunk-driving foundations and nonprofits across the globe. Their most notable partnership is with Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Mothers Against Drunk Driving have found through their research that about 66% of people in the United States will be involved in some type of OWI or DUI accident in the course of their life.

Uber has started working closely with this foundation and urges people to take the MADD pledge. However, Mothers Against Drunk Driving isn’t the only Association that Uber has made ties with. DrinkWise, an anti-drunk-driving foundation in Australia, has also partnered with Uber. They not only encourage people to use the rideshare service, but they have allowed a system of status sharing through the platform to inform friends when they’re home safely.

Cincinnati Auto Accident Attorneys at Young, Reverman, and Mazzei

After an accident, especially one that involves Rideshare service or alcohol, or both, contact Young, Reverman, and Mazzei. Our Law Offices right here in Cincinnati to help the victims of car accidents quickly and cleanly resolve their case. Any accident involving a rideshare service will often have to go through the Rideshare company rather than a one-on-one insurance provider like most car accidents.

Over the years, we’ve become extremely knowledgeable and efficient and handling Rideshare accident resolution. We’ve worked with Uber and Lyft through negotiations and various elements of claim settlement. Ideally, we would love to close your claim with a settlement and spare you the time spent in court. Contact our offices in Cincinnati and get the help that you need to close this case as quickly as possible.

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