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Different Ways You Can Save on Auto Insurance

Although Flo from progressive and the Geico gecko have great advice, you might need something more practical. It’s certainly possible to save on your auto insurance, and it’s possible to do so without lowering your benefits. Take advantage of these tips to help bring down those costs.

Starting with a few of these tips can help make it easier to manage when you do have to pay a deductible. Additionally, you can take those savings and help to manage your next car wreck in Cincinnati even easier. Learn how now.

Check Your Mileage – Low Mileage Discounts

The average driver puts in about 13,000 miles each year. It’s likely that you don’t drive that often and probably put in less than 12,000 miles per year. So you could have the option for a low-mileage discount. With a low-mileage discount, you may have to prove each year that you’re not going over the limit you set with your auto insurance provider. However, you can actually save hundreds each year with this discount. It’s one of the biggest discounts that insurance policies offer and with good reason. Not only are you not on the road as much, but people who don’t drive as often generally drive more safely.

Shop Around

People stay with one insurance company for years. There is nothing to justify brand loyalty here. Your insurance company would not go above and beyond to fight for what you need. No matter how much they say they’re on your side, they’re looking out for themselves.

We really mean it when we say to shop around for insurance, and haggle. When you call Progressive, tell them that you’ve been happy with Geico for years, but really want to see what options are  out there. Then let them answer the questions. Instead of dealing with questions like, “Oh, what are you spending?” Ask them what they’re offering.These salespeople aren’t often put on the spot, so when they do get an aggressive deal seeker, they usually give the best they have available. Do this with the top insurance companies that you would want to work with, and then decide on what’s best for your household.

Ask about discounts too. Mention your teen that’s a good student, or that you might consider changing your homeowner’s or renters insurance too.

Increase Your Deductible

If you’re financially stable and rarely in an accident, then it would be reasonable to raise your deductible. There are families with a $250 deductible because they know that someone will get into an accident over the next year. But if that’s not the case with your family, then a $1,000 or $1,500 deductible that lowers your rates could be worth it.

Most people go for the low deductible because they’re not sure if they’ll have $500 or $1,000 to handle when a crash happens. It’s the struggle of living paycheck to paycheck in that you pay more for services because you don’t know if you’ll be able to handle the costs of an accident.

Bundle Up

Bundling is a big deal, and nearly all major insurance providers offer home, auto, motorcycle, and renters. Some even offer insurance on recreational vehicles and travel trailers that make it really worthwhile to set up a full scope insurance plan with one provider.

However, you might consider the lesser considered plans when bundling too. Do you have life insurance? Do you have personal injury protection? Maybe inform them that you would consider adding UIM if you know that you’d get a good deal with your homeowner’s insurance too.

Somewhat similar to bundling is increasing the drivers on your insurance policy. Some parents tend to push off their children’s coverage when they turn 18. However, they might not realize that having more drivers can lower the policy overall with multi-driver discounts.

When You’re in a Wreck — Hire a Car Accident Lawyer to Deal With the Auto Insurance Company

One of the best ways to “save” after a crash is to involve an attorney. Initially, it doesn’t seem like saving, but when you’re getting possibly more compensation back, it’s better claim management. Imagine if you accept the initial settlement offer of $3,000, but with all of your expenses, the damages total to $5,500. A Cincinnati car accident law office will look for the many different ways to fight for full compensation.

Calling Young, Reverman and Mazzei should be your first step after you get through your physical checkup. Always take care of yourself and then call us. Our attorneys are waiting to guide you through a full resolution.

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