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Dealing with Doubt During Your Recovery

You were hurt, and then you were told that maybe you couldn’t do everything that you used to. At least not right away. Many people experience this situation when a doctor comes in an informed them that their recovery could be a long road and that it may be a challenge to go through daily motions for a while. What most medical professionals don’t do is offer a means of support to handle doubt and challenges during the recovery process. Many doctors tried to keep a “can do” attitude and use positive reinforcement.

So, what can you do to face your doubt head-on during the recovery process? There are a variety of ways to help overcome the challenges faced during physical recovery. Call our Cincinnati personal injury attorneys for help.

Consider Local Support Groups

It’s surprising, but there are support groups for almost everything. Even amongst the COVID-19 shutdowns comment, you can find local support groups online or in nearby community centers. You can even find very specific support groups for the type of trauma you experienced.

It might be easier to find some groups than others; for instance, if you were involved in a drunk driving accident, you could easily turn to MADD or DADD. However, those involved in a less aggressive accident, or say a slip-and-fall accident might need to turn to groups for those with severe injuries.

Everyone experiences doubt when they are going through the recovery period, there are always the underlying questions of, “what if I can’t do this?” and “am I not pushing myself hard enough?” These are justifiable questions, but they also naturally lead to doubt and sometimes even depression.

Ask Your Doctor for a Referral to a Mental Health Professional

One of the largest issues faced in the medical community is the stigma associated with mental health. Particularly with those who have never had the need for help from a mental health professional.

Canada’s Center for addiction and mental health estimates that the stigma associated with seeking help for mental health deters 40% of people who need mental health support.

After a serious injury, including a car accident or a slip and fall, it is likely that you’ve experienced trauma. Trauma can affect the brain and the mind the same way that physical trauma would affect your body. It may not show up on diagnostic testing or be easy for a doctor to deduce with a minute or two of poking and prodding.

Your brain is an organ, and avoiding treatment would prolong the damage done to that organ. Treatment should provide relief and help you identify the trauma and reduce the symptoms you can focus on more productive elements of your life.

Assess Your Abilities Not Your Limitations

Something that physical therapists take special care to do that many other people in the medical profession don’t do, is they assess your abilities. You will definitely have doctors come in and say that you can’t do one thing or another. In fact, they may be as blunt to say that you may never do something again.

When you’re evaluating your own situation, Take the physical therapist approach. In fact, if you’re feeling really down, make a long list of all the things that you can do. Even if your questionable about how well you can do something, if you can do it, include it on your list.

You should also focus on tasks that build your confidence. If you know without a doubt that you can do household tasks, then do them often. If you know that you can Make it down to the end of the walkway or to the mailbox, then make that a daily task. Do the things that build your confidence so that you can see how quickly these hard tasks become easy.

Legal Help – The Resources Available with a Cincy Personal Injury Lawyer

Dealing with doubt during any type of recovery is a challenge, but when it’s related to a personal injury, there are particular issues. Often the personal injury is the fault of another, and the victim is left trying to pick up the pieces and regain stability in their life after the unexpected incident. Additionally, victims of personal injury may not have had previous experience but with mental health, limitations, and restrictions in daily life.

Young, Reverman, and Mazzei Put a direct focus on helping victims regain their stability both financially and physically. With proper legal help, you can redirect your energy and focus on building confidence and expanding your abilities. Get the legal help you need to closeout your personal injury claim with the best chance at a desirable resolution possible.

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