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Common Mistakes Made After A Car Accident in Cincinnati

When it comes to claiming compensation after a car accident, the plaintiff must be a bit vigilant. People make common mistakes after a car accident in Cincinnati at the scene of the accident.

A car accident may lead to both physical, personal, and permanent injuries. Your compensation depends on how stronger you represent your case before the law. Some of the damages can be compensated from insurance claims, while others may require filing a car accident lawsuit.

Avoid These Common Mistakes If You Are Filing A Car Accident Lawsuit

Here are mistakes you’ll want to avoid:

Forgetting To Call Law Enforcement Officer To The Scene Of The Accident

You can save a lot of trouble for yourself if you call a law enforcement officer to the scene of the car accident in Cincinnati. This is especially true when an accident caused death, injury, and damages over $500.

Calling a police officer is helpful for the victim to press charges. The report presented by a police officer acts as proof that the accident occurred and also acts as a supporting document if the report is in your favor.

In such a case, the defendant’s attorney or even his insurance company cannot claim otherwise and come up with excuses like the injury pre-existed.

When a law enforcement officer was not called at the accident scene, you as a victim will be given ten days to complete the police report.

Leaving The Scene Of An Accident

Leaving a scene of the accident even if you are or not at fault will be like weakening your case yourself. The parties involved in a car accident must stay at the scene of the accident until any law enforcement officer doesn’t take charge of the scene.

Also, it is essential to stay at the scene out of compassion, provide medical help to the needy, and put your point of view in place when the officer interrogates you.

Leaving the scene immediately when an injury or death happens may even result in paying fines or jail time.

Admitting Fault

Yes, you have the right to remain silent. You have the right not to admit fault or seek any apology( not even accidentally). This can help the at-fault driver run away from providing compensation if the situation arises.

Once you admit the fault, the financial liability may fall on your head, preventing the at-fault driver from all claims. Your admission can make things worse for your lawyer and insurance company as well.

Calling an attorney at the spot is also a smart solution, better than putting a ball in at-fault driver’s court.

Failing To Gather Evidence

Act before the scene of the accident is made clear from all pieces of evidence. Collect all the evidence you can from the accident scene, even though there are emergency response teams and law enforcement officers to do that.

Having evidence first-hand can help your attorney have the upper hand on your case. He wouldn’t have to wait for a police report or witness statements to prove the case.

Evidence collected firsthand by the party involved in the accident is, at times, better than the official crash reports.

Not Reporting The Car Accident in Cincinnati To Your Insurance Company

It is as important to report the accident to your insurance company, the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

Sometimes, the victim finds it unnecessary to report the accident to their insurance company when the damages are minor. If your insurance claim covers the PIP, i.e., personal injury protection insurance, you should make claims to get the medical bills.

Reporting your accident to your insurance company may also increase the chances of driver’s coverage even if you are a not-at-fault driver. Some insurance companies may even cancel your claim if you fail to inform them of the accident.

Not Getting Immediate Medical Help

Getting immediate medical help is essential for your well-being and from the point of view of making your car accident lawsuit stronger.

Getting medical attention immediately after the crash goes on the medical record as well. In this situation, the at-fault driver cannot claim that the injuries pre-existed or deny the existence of injuries in any case.

Moreover, some injuries may take days to appear. Not seeking medical help immediately may make it more difficult to prove otherwise.

Other common mistakes include getting too friendly with the insurance adjusters, accepting the first settlement offer you are provided with (realizing the damages caused were much more thereafter), and delaying taking any action.

If you or someone you know has been in an accident, we recommend consulting with our experienced attorneys to avoid any mistakes after a car accident in Cincinnati.

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