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Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents

There is no doubt that motorcycle riders are naturally more vulnerable to the dangers of the road. One’s probability of facing a fatal injury is 27 times more with motorbikes than a four-wheeler. This is because a motorcycle lacks the protective outer-guard that a car would provide. There are several common causes of motorcycle accidents. And contrary to the poor reputation motorcycle users get, they are not always responsible. Accidents might be unavoidable but what can save is a little awareness.

Here is a list of six causes that commonly lead to motorcycle accidents to help you have a safer time on the road.

Motorcycle Accidents Causes

Left Turns

When a motorcycle comes across a car, making a left turn at the intersection, an accident is just waiting to occur. Nearly half of motorcycle accidents happen similarly when a bike is trying to overtake a running car.

Car drivers do not easily anticipate motorcycles, and the fact they are lesser visible than other vehicles doesn’t help. Bike riders often try to sneakily overtake or rush through the same lane ahead of bigger vehicles. The driver, indeed making the left turn, will be held mostly responsible. However, in the case of the carelessness or hastiness of the motorcycle driver, liability will go both ways, and compensation will be less.


This is not the case only for motorcycles, but most other road vehicles, as intoxicated drivers fall victim to 50% of the road accidents. A motorcycle rider needs to be alert with fast reflexes. Alcohol impairs that sense. Intoxicated drivers struggle with blurry vision, lethargy, and poor muscle coordination, making them highly unsuitable for driving.

If your friend has had a beer or two and says, it’s okay for them to drive. It’s not. Even a little alcohol in the blood can severely affect one’s driving. No wonder driving under the influence is a crime and asks for heavy compensation almost everywhere. It is fatal and still claims several lives on a daily.

Distracted Driving

These accidents again mostly occur due to the carelessness of both or either parties in car accidents. A car or a motorcycle rider might be distracted due to various factors.

Even if one’s eyes shift from the road to their phone for a minute or a few seconds, an accident might happen. Or imagine a car driver busy conversing with their partner doesn’t notice an oncoming motorbike and rams into it. Or a speeding biker enjoying the thrill of the ride fails to judge the pace of the traffic and crashes into a moving car.

These are sadly quite common instances. Even a second’s inattentiveness while driving can cost somebody their life. Especially experienced drivers presume their safety and shut off their “alertness” or “mind” on the road for a while. But nothing on roads costs more than a driver’s recklessness.

Lane Splitting And Other Driver’s Blind Spots

A motorcycle’s advantages and disadvantages lie in the same place. Its smaller volume makes it easier and flexible to drive and evade traffic. However, that is the same reason motorcycle riders take the riskiest paths, for example, between two lanes or where a person driving a four-wheeler wouldn’t easily be able to see.

They also hastily and abruptly tend to switch lanes. And most commonly, motorcycle users split lanes when in slow or stagnant traffic. They tend to drive between two lanes, often causing minor to major accidents.

Door-Opening Accidents

Even though 56% of motorcycle accidents occur due to direct on-head crashes, a significant number caters to crashes against fixed objects and mostly accidental opening of car doors.

We all have carelessly opened car doors, not paying much attention to any oncoming vehicle. Whereas for a car, only the door might get destroyed, the rider of the motorcycle might face major injuries. Avoiding speeding and careful road habits help in avoiding such reckless motorcycle accidents.

Poor Weather 

Icy and rainy slippery roads are never ideal for driving. Even though one cannot fight the weather, you can certainly be more cautious or avoid driving altogether in poor weather. Rain can impair vision, while strong winds can affect movement. And a motorcycle user will be way more unsafe driving in adverse weather conditions than a car driver. Thus, motorcycle drivers should take certain extra steps when biking in poor weather.

Keep Safe And Hire A Motorcycle Accident Attorney, If Needed 

Maintaining a more than required distance between vehicles, attentively looking out for slippery surfaces, routine checking of motorcycle tires, and so on will help.

Knowing a little about why and how motorcycle accidents happen will always give you an upper hand on the road. Stay alert, avoid the common biking mistakes, and most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy the ride.

However, if you or your loved ones get into an accident, it is recommended you hire a motorcycle accident attorney at Young, Reverman & Mazzei to get the claims and learn the steps that you must take.

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