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Cincinnati Law Firm, YRM, Celebrates its 50th Anniversary

It’s celebration time for Young, Reverman, and Mazzei. YRM is finally in its 50th year and that calls for a celebration. The Cincinnati law firm has stood by workers, personal injury victims, victims of bankruptcy, and tons of other people throughout the years since its inception in 1972.

The Story of YRM

Martin Young, the senior partner of the firm, began practicing law way before the company started. His father, uncle, and brother were all lawyers. It was their influence and his desire to help people that made him a lawyer and start the company.

Martin has now been practicing law for more than 62 years. He said, “I never get tired of going through case files. It’s like an energy booster for me. Not a day goes by when I don’t think about my clients and try to come up with ideas that may help them win their cases.”

Initially, Martin thought that he would start a law firm that would only look after Cincinnati’s workers’ compensation cases. As time progressed, he decided that it would be better to look into disability cases and car accident cases as well. Soon, two more eminent lawyers, Stephen S. Mazzei and Richard E. Reverman, joined him. Stephen is an expert disability lawyer while Richard is a car accident lawyer. The trio formed the best tri-state law firm that helped hundreds of victims get justice.

Later, the company expanded to include nine lawyers in the group that offered a range of services throughout Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio. Some of the practice areas of YRM are as follows:

While Martin has been with the company for more than 50 years now, the other lawyers have also been a part of YRM for over 25 years. With a collective experience of over 300 years, clients can expect to receive full support from the lawyers, regardless of the nature of their case.

The lawyers are fluent in English and Spanish, thus ensuring that even Spanish clients shouldn’t hesitate to hire Young, Reverman, & Mazzei if they want them to take up different cases. They listen to the stories of clients without interrupting them and then cross-question them to find out information that can help them win the case on their clients’ behalf.

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As YRM celebrates its 50th anniversary, the trio looks back and reflects on what has been a thrilling journey so far. Mazzei says, “We sure wanted to work for the people, but we didn’t expect we would get so much love from them. It’s quite an achievement to be with a firm that’s helping people for over 50 years now. I sometimes think it’s a dream, but then again, I don’t want to wake up from this dream either.”

YRM invites its potential clients for a no-obligation and free consultation so that they know how the lawyers work. It’s only after clients feel comfortable talking to the lawyers that they can decide whether to hire their services or not.

Jay A. Bolotin is a partner at the injury law firm of Young, Reverman & Bolotin. Serving the people of Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio, Jay dedicates his career to helping clients in the tri-state area obtain financial compensation after suffering serious injuries. He focuses his practice on cases involving car accidents, trucking accidents, dog bites and animal attacks, and other types of personal injury incidents.

Years of Experience: More than 25 years
Registration Status:: Active
Bar Admissions: Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, and Cincinati Bar Association