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Personal Injury Case in Ohio: Settle or Go to Trial?

An accident leads to several people being injured or bruised. In such circumstances, the victim has every right to file a personal injury case in Ohio against the negligent person and obtain compensation from them. Personal injuries need immediate medical treatment. Since the injury was caused due to another person’s mistake, they should be the ones paying for it. Victims can recover medical expenses and other damages with a personal injury case. If someone experiences the long-term effects of the crash, they can collect compensation till they don’t regain their health.

In Ohio, 1,039 fatal crashes took place in 2019. A crash has a significant impact on your body and mind. Several individuals experience emotional trauma after sustaining personal injuries; therefore, filing a lawsuit is your right. With an attorney’s assistance, you can walk out with the best compensation package. Even if you don’t want compensation, you can opt for a trial. In any case, victims get the justice they deserve.

Is Filing a Personal Injury Case in Ohio the Right Thing to Do?

Individuals are often confused about whether they should file a personal injury case in Ohio or not. Well, the best guidance can come from your attorney. Legal matters take time. With an educated lawyer’s help, you can figure out the approximate time and money your case will be using.

A victim shouldn’t back out from filing a claim because it is their right. Claims can provide people with a chance to get financial help from the party at fault. If you are scared of courts and trials, you can settle for an amount at the beginning of the case. There is nothing wrong with a settlement before trial. Most accident cases never reach the court because victims get compensation.

What Is the Procedure of a Settlement?

Settlement is an agreement between two parties. After agreeing to a settlement, the victim loses their right to pursue the matter in the future. Your lawyer submits a demand letter to the other side, which mentions your requirements. You can demand money for lost wages, medical expenses, and even medical care. Once the other side views the letter, they will make a counteroffer. Afterward, both parties come together to negotiate on the matter. As soon as both sides agree on a particular amount, a contract is drafted having all the clauses.

Many insurance companies try to settle matters out of court if they believe they will lose. If a victim believes that the compensation offered in the settlement is enough for them, they should agree on it. Often at times, going to court proves expensive for both sides. With the help of a settlement, victims can:

  • Get compensation money in a shorter span
  • Save costs as they will not need to go for a trial
  • Get the upper hand as they decide upon the amount

Settlements have their share of pros, but there are certain disadvantages too. First of all, you might not receive as much money as you could have gotten after a trial. Moreover, once a deal is final, you can’t go back on your word.

What Is a Trial, and How Is It Different from a Settlement?

The trial stage comes when both sides do not agree on one decision. Since two sides can’t reach a decision, a judge does it for you. Trials are unpredictable and can end up harming any side. However, if someone thinks they are not getting enough compensation, pursuing the matter in court is better. For this purpose, victims will need to pick a jury, give opening statements, and provide evidence in the form of testimonies. Only after proving themselves innocent can a victim win a wholesome compensation.

There is no definite period for a trial. Sometimes, it can take months for a case to conclude, which means both parties need to invest a lot of energy into it. With a trial, victims get more money, but it is a costly process.

Factors Affecting Your Personal Injury Case in Ohio:

Multiple factors influence a case. Whether your case ends up in court or settles at the beginning depends on:

  • The severity of the loss occurred
  • Type of injuries and disabilities experienced after the accident
  • Treatment plans and hospital expenditures
  • Lost income
  • Pain and suffering endured after the incident

Contact the Best Legal Professionals in Ohio:

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