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Car Accident in Cincinnati: Keeping a New Teen Driver Safe

Car accident in cincinnati

It is a deeply satisfying as well as emotionally draining experience when a parent watches their teenage kid driving for the first time in their driveway. It’s normal to worry that your child could be hurt in a car accident in Cincinnati, OH.

Car accidents are the second leading cause of death among teens in the United States, according to the CDC. According to the CDC, teens are three times more likely than adults to be in fatal car accidents. As a result of these concerns, we have shared some tips on how to protect your new teen driver when they are behind the wheel.

Ohio State Highway Patrol reports that Ohio had 1,057 road fatalities in 2018, compared to 1,131 in 2017.

Tips for Safety to Avoid a Car Accident in Cincinnati, OH:

These seven tips can help you teach your teen to be a safe driver.

Teach Your Teen Not to Use Their Phone While Driving

You should make sure your child is not using their cell phone while driving. In some states, it is okay to make calls or use the phone for directions. Nevertheless, minors are strictly prohibited to use their phone while driving in Ohio. Cell phones have become a major part of teenagers’ lives nowadays. However, distracted driving is one of the main causes of motor vehicle accidents among teens.

Several smartphone apps are available that will prevent your teen from using the phone while driving if they enjoy using technology and their willpower needs a little boost.

Practice Driving With Your Child

Driving with your child is essential. It does not matter if they have attended a professional driving school. They will still be inexperienced until they have at least several years of routine driving. Experience allows teen drivers to hone their skills and become comfortable driving in different situations. You can also offer advice, which will help them develop habits for safe driving.

Make Sure They Drive Safely With Peers

It is important to ensure that your teen is comfortable riding in a vehicle with peers of a similar age group. Teens are subject to peer pressure on every front, including how they operate their vehicles. Teen drivers can become distracted by friends in the car or want to show off. This can lead to over-speeding and reckless driving.

Inexperienced Teen Drivers Should Avoid Driving at Night

It is wise to keep your child from driving at night until they have gained more experience. Even if your child wants to go to a friend’s house at night, it is better to advise them to call an Uber or Lyft. Furthermore, you must consider the fact that drunk drivers are more likely to be on the roads during late hours. Your teenager may adopt safe driving habits, but they cannot protect themselves against someone who does not respect the law and does not care for others.

Teach Your Child to Avoid Distractions

Make sure that your child eliminates any distractions before they get into the car. Your teenager should turn off or at least put their phone on silent before starting the car. They can easily lose concentration long enough to cause a car accident in Cincinnati, OH if they hear the ringing of an incoming call or text notification. To set a good example, make sure you follow the “put the phone away” rule too.

Studies have shown that cognitive distractions, such as a driver’s attention being diverted from the road, can be just as dangerous as visual and manual distractions, which prevent the driver from maintaining control of their vehicle. Make sure your teenager knows to keep their focus on the road.

Teach Your Teen to Ask Passengers for Help

Teach your child to ask one of the other people in the vehicle to help them check directions, make a phone call, or send a message whenever they are driving with others. If you are a passenger, don’t forget to ask what you can do to help.

Teach Your Child How to Handle Accidents and Car Trouble

On the road, a fender bender, a broken engine, or other driving-related emergencies are inevitable. If your child experiences an emergency while driving, advise them to park in a safe place and park the car before using the phone.

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