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Can Anybody Sue for Personal Injury?

From slip and fall accidents at a backyard BBQ pool injuries, personal injury, it seems to lurk in every possible corner. And it’s true, personal injuries can happen anywhere and in almost every situation somebody is liable. At a home, the homeowner is liable. In a business, the business or property owner is liable. In many situations, it’s likely that somebody is responsible for the negligence or carelessness which led to the injuries you sustained. The big question is, is it possible to move forward with a personal injury lawsuit?

Many people question if anybody could sue for personal injury and if there really are restrictions on how someone could pursue some type of legal action for compensation. There are some limitations and sometimes it does result in genuine victims not being able to collect compensation that they need. But most of the restrictions pertain specifically to the people who set out to do harm to that person or to fraudulently take advantage of insurance companies or policies. You should contact our Cincinnati personal injury attorneys for assistance.

Trespassers and Injuries

Many people remember the comedic hit, Liar Liar, in which the actor Jim Carrey announces how he could have won a larger settlement for a trespasser who was injured after breaking into a home than what the thief actually recovered. Not only does this seem completely scandalous, but for many people it seems pretty believable. After all, we’re taught that personal injury can happen anywhere and that anyone can sue for personal injury so, why not a trespasser?

The answer to this is strict liability. There are instances where a homeowner could be responsible for the injuries of a trespasser. For example, if the homeowner had a dog with a history of biting and a trespasser jumped into the backyard and was bitten by that dog the homeowner might be responsible. Because of strict liability, the homeowner would have had pre-existing knowledge of the dangerous animal and its likelihood to attack.  However, the situation of someone breaking into a home and then filing a personal injury claim for cutting their hand on a broken window is unrealistic.

Where You Hurt on Your Property?

If you were hurt on your property, then it’s likely that there’s no personal injury claim to move forward with. Yes, there is homeowners insurance, but most homeowners insurance policies don’t provide liability coverage for the inhabitants unless they’re renters.

What Can You Do After Getting Injured in a Business or at a Friends House

If you were injured in a business either from a slip and fall or something falling onto you is then it’s likely you’ll need to go through their liability insurance policy. Businesses are required to carry liability insurance policies to handle claims from accidents that happen on their property. Liability insurance policies cover a great many types of injuries. For if someone failed to quickly mop up or dry an area of wet floor then you slipping on that area was preventable and the source of the injury was negligence.

It gets a little more complex if you were injured at a person’s residence.  Most home owners insurance policies do have a liability clause and will cover damages in the event of genuine homeowner liability. This almost exclusively Roberts back to the property owner so if the person was renting then you’re not going to be dealing with them directly but rather the property owner and their insurance policy.

Find Your Local Personal Injury Attorney

If you were hurt at a friend’s home, in a business, in a city-owned area such as a park or a city building, then you have every right to pursue a personal injury lawsuit. In fact, short of being a trespasser breaking into someone’s home, there shouldn’t be anything stopping you from filing a personal injury claim and seeking the compensation you need to cover the damages of the injury.

Medical costs in the United States are at an all-time high and to be left with tens of thousands of dollars in medical debt because someone’s dog bit you is not excusable. It seems Troublesome to sue someone because you got hurt, but for most people it is absolutely necessary to cover medical debt.  At Young, Reverman, and Mazzei, we handle these issues that come up daily. We know that your injuries were a genuine accident on your part, but there’s someone behind the accident who is responsible for the negligence or carelessness from poor building or property maintenance or care.  Contact our skilled Cincinnati personal injury attorneys for support now.

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